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RE: SteemCleaners Delegation Renewal Application Review

I would like to lodge an objection to Steemcleaners receiving delegation. I have invested a relatively large amount into Steem, I power it up and want the best for the platform. I have been continually flagged by them on nearly every post for some transgression I have apparently made in the past. I fully support projects to fight abuse, but this is just a bot with a blacklist and it does nothing to change behaviour. We have had a change (HF21) to move away from bid bots and to support manual curation efforts, a move I fully supported, I feel steemcleaners should only get a renewal if they are going to manually downvote or if not at least review their bot actions on an account on a weekly or monthly basis. Blindly downvoting based on a list with this much SP, leaving no reason, is in my view bad for Steem and does not help garner a change in behaviour, nor does it judge on a post by post basis, which is what the majority of the steem community seems to want.


You were added to Spamiantor's blacklist which is separate project. After many reports from the community you were added there for spamming Scorum posts.

You have never appealed.

Non of Steemcleaners comments nor downvoted are automatic. EVERY, SINGLE comment, downvote or report is done manually by one of the members.
Every single report from the community and case is checked personally by the member.

Thanks for that information, A couple of observations, Spaminator downvotes my posts that have nothing to do with Scorum so go figure that and they happen on a regular basis so therefore look pretty automated to me. Also I wouldn't know where to appeal since it leaves no comment and secondly I did nothing wrong (if the accusation is spamming Scorum posts) as the Scorum account belongs to me.

I am not going to appeal to anybody since the evidence of misuse here is pretty damming in itself. I have no problem with being flagged on any post but I stand by my accusation that this is obvious misuse of delegated SP.

You are on Spaminator for Scorum spam. That's what our database says. Added by one of my colleagues.

Spam with hundreds of identical automated posts. Only numbers update in each.


You know they can't repost Steem posts on Scorum as the site automatically wipes your rewards so you do the opposite.

It's been going on for at least 18 months.


They were not automated they were all done manually, they took a fair amount of work the bets had to be placed at the bookies and then put into a post, they were done for the promotion of Scorum, I like contests and giving away Steem and Scorum, I have given away a lot of Steem and Scorum, none of those post were ever posted on Scorum. I do, like quite a few others put my sporting posts on Scorum onto Steem I don't believe there is any rule against that.

Anyway I have no objection if you are unhappy with those posts, flag them if you want, however you have been down voting other posts which have no relation to the above and is clear abuse of SP delegation. You down vote a lot of my actifit posts and down voted a nextcolony post that had nothing to do with any of the above.

So my argument stands, by all means down vote spam (or what you define spam as) but this isn't what you are doing here.

Obviously the bot does not differentiate the content once you are added to blacklist.
I'm happy to remove you from Spaminator blacklist now as you stopped spamming with such posts.

Thanks, perhaps you could update things, spaminator hasn't posted in 9 months and there is no contact details on the profile page. If someone had just reached out to me that would have been a whole lot better.