Demo(scene) : Hardware Malfunction (real HW capture)

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Hardware Malfunction (real HW capture)

So a guy walks into a bar and asks everyone whats the most impressive demo : the crowd goes "notch!"

Me being ancient though, stuff like this ? now thats the stuff when it comes to demon-straiting . About as good as someone soldering a small lcd screen to a vocore and re-compiling the original doom to run on openWRT - this is really jaw-dropping but not for the audiovisual k-hole experience as such ...

truly :-)

A demo for Arduino Mega / ATmega2560 & ILI9481 LCD.
Wild compo entry for Revision 2020.

if you're interested im sure you'll check it you're not im almost sure by now you quit reading ... although its less of a niche in 2020 than i thought i am not "addressing it" lol, i keep 'em on the stack and try for one a week. From the 2020 selections i have quite a few but i HAD to post this one for "A+ in original haxxings" i'll keep the shiney for christmas

this is one of the most impressive ive seen this week (relating to ofcourse, this is not the "what would people want to read so let me pretend i wrote that-channel sorry)

I can think of only one person from back then who could have pulled that off, he must be in his sixties now but last time i checked happily pythong and raspberrying away with one of his ole buddies from back in a lost era of creation. If i were to do that within 60 minutes there would be tin solder all over the room in heaps and that mobo would look like a lump of hei-ho silver ... thats really not my forte there... sadly, i would certainly like an "original" c64 that doesnt go up in flames if you leave it on for 30 minutes due to ageing population. I looked around for original machines and they're still available but i simply am too much of a broke bum and i basically can barely afford anything i dont already have (also no illusion STEEM/TRX will change that, also no intention of doing research so i can write what everybody wants : i can summarize that if you like : "BTC WILL RISE TO 1.000.000 tomorrow and you will be rich while sleeping!" , not my style and ... i am not public relations or marketing so i wont be hanging with the boys 'n the crowd either, tough luck is me ...)

on the subject of creation :

lets say creativity, not just creation

and from there :


forgot the link ... :

the rise and demise of an original giant - a bit of a sob-story

like atari and cbm lol , to think today microsoft is throwing billions around for studios with potential and/or proven records ... ALL BORN IN A WRONG ERA (for me thats either 1000 years too early or too soon but i would have settled for ancient egypt if i was born into the nobility ... almighty divine just sounds something you gotta have tried once in your lives imo

gud then ...

the "xxxx" games series - i think the most played for beer and beerwurst back then in "the ole club" (how microsoft conquered the world btw a bit later ... backroom floppy swapping made them rich, and now they sue anyone who would

HAH ! ... i could quote a herbalizer song but i guess i wont. I will try to keep this close to the kid and prevent most of janes underground from spilling so its gonna be definitely once a week at most - not that i except many groupies ringing my doorbell and throwing their panties at me for this anyway but well, at least its interesting

to me ... which, like a game that will never be sold makes it

interesting ....

to me :)

google is really dead - - - i search "old skool" and i get 500 pics of new sneakers ...

if it werent the prime source for stack overlords fast searches i think id be done with it a while ago

yea, im pretty sure any of this would only interest you if you're in any way related to the scene or are ancient like myself but still mostly ahead of the planet when it comes to new developments ... which makes living in salems lot a LOT harder ... but well .. try to keep that out of here

here i found a few new stuffz : now there's even LESS excuses not to get creative (but dont let that stop you from shooting steroids and going WUAH or aggressively converting anyone who isnt your kind of monotheism or stuff like that which i havent participated in since i was 1 ... no offense as long as you dont offend me ofcourse, otherwise the universe demands balance, as it always does)

dum(b)p that phone and

Unleash Yourself
they just keep coming while checking, this looks a bit like "notch-for-poor-people" ... after i get my stemcelltherapy to fix my worn out bones, get my tooth fixed with the dead nerve that needs removing and then save another billion to clone myself i certainly NEED to try these things out one by one ...

i will try to link more - i use appgamekit by gamecreators too myself but thats not a free program and if anyone says "notch" , please slap them around with a few 1000 dollar bills (bc you will be needing that)

Yea and ...

the independent collectors (sites that dont belong to the tek-6 at least)

list will grow im sure, i thought "the scene" was almost dead, turns out its more like the opposite - good news for one, bad for other, the no-coding prophets will turn sour since obviously the boss will want to hire one of THESE guys instead and the boss will turn sour since most of THESE guys are not really of the controllable type and have bad habits like coming and going when they want and then maybe not a few days while leaving the finished job a week ahead on the desk without saying anything ... and stuff, and more or ... convincing the supreme manager that this is a very difficult task , we need at least 3 more weeks and then installing themselves to play unreal tournament for the next 20 days with a "dont disturb" post-it



stranger things have happened and ofcourse

no one would do that in real life ...

(would they?)

the manager would see through it

here goes :

as for the partyzones, i think im just scratching the surface again but for now :

(and obviously not in halls full of strange ulta-basement nerds who are or are not marries seven times by now)

(these are definitely major events ... its where you find the guy who can actually write you the compiler, not talk the lingo ...)

HAH, no and yo, i need something to write next week to but that's no excrement , native-american-reference-name (just doesnt sound the same when its 2020-correct ...)


so the number of likes makes it look like these people are as sociable as the whole of me and

maybe they are but not in certain circles - its really hard when no one ever gets a word you say i think (lujz yes)

like "not hollywood hackers" but a bit of a less romantic version of mister robot

all those skills to waste ?

o well ... no idea what they be doing while not getting 5 likes on youtube i dont think they're youtubering or streaming dota ...

but i dont know them either -

a bit of an in-crowd like any other i suppose ... if you dont talk the talk you stand out

and i dont think they teach "doom on a vocore with a nokia screen soldered to it" in school either

gud ... nuff

plenty even

but im not excrementing you there, you see thats what i wanted to communicate

you see that thing and then try thinking : thats more processing power than they had to probe venus or actually shoot americans at the moon packed in 1cm²

and yet you complain that you can't do a scroller in adobe with your 128 gb of ram b/c it keeps running out ?

that's like reverse, nay

like de-volution, precious


maybe thats the problem, b/c if it didn't Darwin would sort them out instead

so while i absolutelly didnt say it , someone said :

Only half of us can be better than the median.
*Ben Goldacre*

and / or

"Think about how stupid the average person is. Now, realise that half of them are dumber than that.".
*George Carlin*

so ... p.c. principal can take that up with the relevant parties :)

its possible that people think you think you are a genius b/c you dont make sense to them and while being only above average to the whole you stick out like a sore thumb in the place where you're drowning

and such and so - - - -

i think you just got it :))) and it's more like 80/20 in their favor ...