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RE: It's Not All Good - The Teenage Depression Epidemic

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Thank you for broaching this subject. It's something a lot of people don't want to touch as we've learned to hide the shame and keep up the facade of happiness.

Depression is rampant among the entire population. Children are in the hot seat to comply, conform, perform, pretend, put on heirs, suppress, and give in as they are generally under the rule of others. We have all been through generations of such manipulation, though generations before have been broken so badly they most frequently cannot even see the problem as it is "normal". This generation of children, in my experience, is waking up. They are aware that the life they are being handed SUCKS! Their parents, teachers and society in general are force feeding them a platter of BS. A life based on fear, on shoulds, have tos and musts, destined to be like the generations before--in debt, stressed out, devoting all their time to something they wouldn't do except that they are getting paid to do it, only getting 2 weeks of the entire year to do what they want to do, taking a vacation away from the life they don't even want to live. Adults are generally on medications, numbing themselves with television, alcohol and all kinds of things that provide distraction from the life they have created. It's no wonder children do not want to follow the example and are fighting back just to have their voice heard.

I believe the solution begins with the children. I believe there is hope for a new generation of empowered beings, who love themselves, respect themselves, and therefore love and respect others. I believe the sadness and depression can be overcome by addressing societies' desire to make something of the children, instead allowing the children to show us the way through a more evolved perspective.

I am passionate about children and am excited for the true possibilities that exist for evolutionary change. I live at the @gardenofeden. There I've met hundreds of people traveling through from all over the world in their late teens and early twenties who are struggling with stepping out of the rat race and finding peace within. There are solutions. There is a whole new paradigm being birthed. Here is part one of the many posts I have written and will write on children and the solutions to an empowered existence. I believe you will be inspired to know a place such as the @gardenofeden exists.

I'm upvoting and following you. I hope to share perspective.


@everlove - love what you wrote - you hit the nail on the head.

The pressure from outside influence is overwhelming for teens, to conform and be something they are not. For girls ( i only have girls and can only comment from this perspective) its hard , they see TV, Magazines, friends, ads etc etc saying they must look a certain way to be accepted, they must have the lastest fashion to be part of the group and so on; All this puts pressure on an already confusing time, puberty and which in turn leads to some young girls that can not conform or perform to withdraw in themselves and resort to selfharming - your are totally correct that its all BS. Family life is important but the vast majority of families are trying to keep their heads above water to survive and family time goes further down the list. Change is needed, how I don't know, but if parents could give quality time to children more, then maybe change could come about . That expensive 'must have' would be given straight back if quality family time was offered first!

I love that you can see that @ladypenelope1. Change is needed and options are available. I know because we are a living, thiving example of possibility. I feel that we, as those who care about children, have the duty and responsibility to be that change. Continuing what has been done for years and expecting a different outcome is insanity, and is definitely not sustainable. People are dying on the inside and by default continuing to choose things that no longer serve. It is not the children that are the problem, it is us. We must look within and awaken to new ideas, new perspectives and new opportunities, and stand up in dedication to that which serves life and well-being.

Check out this post I wrote for the Garden of Eden.
You can see that it truly is happening and it can be available to everyone. See my other post noted in the comments section of this post. So glad there is hope!

following you and others at the Garden of Eden - always inspiring posts and even trying Sarah Millers yoya ( still getting tied up in arms and legs a bit though) !
Will check out your post - thanks:) and again 'nail on the head'

Oh yay!! We're already playing together!! Grateful to connect with you.