Depression Facts

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Depression Facts 1:0

Children born to depressed mothers show increased irritability, less attentiveness, fewer facial expressions and lower birth weights.

Depression Facts 2:0

While the rate of depression is highest in ages 25-44, child and teen depression statistics show an alarmingly high number of youth affected by depression. Experts opine that such astronomical rise can be traced to;

  1. Virtual competition on social media and online gaming.
  2. The craze to measure up to newest tread and peer standards
  3. Lack of a secure base at home, school and with over loved ones.

All these and more have driven many teens and young adults to take the option of suicide.

Depression Facts 3:0

Depression is thought to be involved in half of all suicides and up to 15% of people with disorders like depression will die of suicide. Men commit suicide more often than women at a rate of 4.5:1. It is thought this is due to the method men use for suicide, which often involve firearms.

Women tend to use poisoning as a method of suicide.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death in adolescents and the third leading cause of death in young people (age 15-24).

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