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Depression is surely a significant topic that requires attention in the form of reorientation of the younger generation. Especially in developed countries where ironically depression is more pronounced. Millenials in these countries need to be educated about gratitude and how to practice being grateful and contented with life's matters

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yes, you're right @kryptokenny . Depression is a serious illness so we should treat this seriously and give our attention to those whose suffering from this.

I don't quite believe depression to be an Illness rather I think it's the effect of a habit developed overtime and here is why.. human beings tend to experience negative emotions like sadness, anxiety, jealously, anger, hatred etc because of the WAY IN WHICH THEY PROCESS EVENTS that occur around them. Now when a person continues to process things in a manner that causes them to feel negative emotions, they inevitably manifest the effects of these emotions. So a person feeling angry will lash out and act erratically so too a person that constantly CHOOSES to think in a way that makes them to feel sad will end up manifesting depression... and the solution to this so ridiculously simple one only needs to ask themselves "HOW CAN I?" rather than "WHY ME?"

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yep! you're right again, sorry wrong choice of word. It is really an effect of seeing things negatively, making their-selves locked up in a dimension that is full of sadness, regretting what's done, thinking things that's hurtful until they bleed, world of hopelessness to be exact and because they're blinded by their own pain and experiences. That's when they won't have the will to live because what they're only seeing is the dark side of life.

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