What is digital detox and how to know you need it

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Figured out when it's time to start a digital diet. They also collected the basic rules of digital detox and found relaxation options for those who are not yet ready to give up gadgets for a long time.

What is digital detox

This is the name of the period when a person, due to fatigue from the continuous flow of information, stops using a smartphone, tablet and computer outside of work. This is a kind of respite, when your free time can be spent on live communication, walking, creativity or meditation, and not on gadgets.

Media asceticism is on a par with the concept of digital detox. It is also called digital abstinence. This is a way of life in which people do not deny the importance of the latest communication tools and Internet technologies, but at the same time they do not hang on the phone every free minute. Media asceticism is the desire to reasonably limit one's time on the Internet.

Social networks, messengers, streaming services are a kind of attractions for the brain. We get so used to virtual entertainment that we become addicted to gadgets, and as a result we get:


Why digital respite is useful

First, you are truly immersed in what you are doing, be it work or family dinner, meeting friends, or exercising at the gym. If you don't get distracted by your smartphone every time it makes a sound, you can enjoy things and events here and now.

Secondly, you start to find interesting things outside the Internet. Try to take your eyes off the screen - and you will notice how the trees turn green day after day, how different people are in the subway. In addition, colleagues may find themselves discussing interesting topics at lunch.

Third, you have a little more free time. Instead of flipping through your Instagram feed before bed, start reading a paper book. During your work break, do a warm-up and exercise for your eyes. On transport or at breakfast, putting your phone aside, think about your plans for the day or people you haven't seen for a long time.

Fourth, you become calmer when your smartphone does not ring, beep or vibrate every minute. Either notifications, or spam, or news, or a friend liked another friend - in many situations this is annoying and distracting.

Only one strong-willed statement in the spirit of "I'm tired of the phone, I'm taking a break" very few people led to success. Try to understand and realize what you are missing while sticking aimlessly on the screen. For example, an hour spent at home on social media can be spent on a bike ride or walking the dog. A dating app is useful, of course, but a party with friends can be more effective for finding a soul mate. Think about what you really want to do in your free time.

If it is impossible to completely and completely abandon gadgets, take one-day breaks. For example, plan Saturday and devote it to pleasant activities not related to the Internet, calls and instant messengers. Or, you can practice fasting hours every day.

Before you go offline for a long time for the first time, warn your family, friends and even colleagues about this. You don't want them to call police departments and hospitals in an attempt to find you.


Reconsider your phone settings: turn off unnecessary notifications, clean your friends lists on social networks, so as not to be distracted by another photo of your mother's school friend's sister's cat. A smart watch or a multifunctional fitness bracelet will be a good helper. With them, you will stop grabbing your smartphone every time you call, but don't miss a really important message.

When planning your next vacation, opt for digital detox tours. Their popularity is now growing almost at a cosmic speed. The program of such trips includes yoga, meditation, viewing natural beauty and philosophical lectures. Sometimes tourists are asked to deposit their smartphones in exchange for a guide to survival without gadgets. Isn't this a challenge for a modern person?


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