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RE: Die drakonischen Corona-Maßnahmen

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Insgesamt kam ich zum Schluss, dass das Coronavirus ähnlich gefährlich ist wie eine Grippe und fast ausschließlich für Menschen mit geschwächten Immunsystem gefährlich werden kann.

I'm 73 years old and have lived through many flu seasons, so many that I can't even remember if I ever had the flu. In all my life, I never knew anyone who died of the flu, or who was even hospitalized. Most people seem to catch it, get really miserable for about a week and then recover. However, in the last month, close contacts of mine have died from Corona. No, not misdiagnosed. Hospitalized, tested and deceased. A partial list of the deceased:

*Thursday I learned the father of my granddaughter's good friend died of corona. This death was a blow, because throughout my granddaughter's elementary school years she spoke about this child often.

*Two weeks ago, a dear friend of many, many years died of corona after fighting for his life in a hospital.

*Last week my husband's good friend lost a sister to the virus. The friend was hospitalized, but survived.

*A month ago, another friend reported his wife's best friend lost her husband, father of three to corona.

*Two of my husband's former work colleagues--not related--have died of the disease in the last month.

Again, I never knew anyone, or knew of anyone, who died of the flu. Corona is certainly whimsical in choosing its victims, but it does kill. It is not the flu

Sorry for my strong comment, but here in New York we have seen body bags pile up. We have seen portable refrigerated trucks behind hospitals because the stationary morgue ran out of space. This does not happen in flu season.

I wish you well and hope your good (fortunate) experience with this virus continues.


I am sorry for your loss of people close to you.