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RE: "Bitcoin Bubble" - sick of it [english & german]

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I have a question, what do you think will happen when all (or basically all) the bitcoin have been mined around mid 2020?
personally I think NEM (XEM) is a better payment option. Bitcoin could in theory be an excellent store of value but I think the fees will eventually kill it so to speak.
What are your thought?


If all BTC are mined, the "miner" still get the transaction costs. So this could still motivate them. But due to the high transaction costs, it could be that BTC will be a store of value like gold in real life. There are many options like NEM, Litecoin, Dash etc.
What I believe right now is, that the blockchain technology will still survive and not like the most of the ppl are telling right now: It's a bubble and nothing else. The cryptocurrencies are just "virtual numbers" nothhing else...

That makes sense.
Yeah, there are lots of very cool alt coins which apply the blockchain to many interesting situations! I don't think that the blockchain technology is going anywhere soon :D Unless quantum computing or something similar becomes the norm, but that is probs far away if ever :p