[logger-idea-003] Shared market trade place

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Idea description

A place where you could trade any asset you want with the network and get any asset you need/want/ask from the network...


Like selling in ebay and buying from amazon! But you sell to the network and buy form the network!

Sell any asset through a secure and decentralized orderbook - Your asset could be "inside trade" (trade inside the network) in order to find a combination where you could get what you ask. (eg. money or any other asset)

You could sell a service like repairing a car for food, you could sell pieces of art for bikes, houses for money, everything you need. But in fact you trade the service of repairing a car for piece of art, that was inside traded for money, that was inside traded for a 0.2 of a house and the food was traded for a 0.01 of the house and so one.

To do

  • Escalate to trade commodities between producers
  • How to verify the assets
  • How to conclude the trades if I trade a cow from Lisbon to Japan, that should be possible theoretical possible but practicality impossible - Use case for physic assets is only doable in towns!
  • Slow start is not possible / - may be necessary to start without physic assets

State : Draft idea

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