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4 hours we spent at Ikea yesterday, picking out furniture.

Which honestly? Is pretty quick. @reggaemuffin had measured everything beforehand, so it was only a question of what do we want (previously discussed) and what we like (thankfully very easy to decide as we liked the same stuff).

Because we don't yet have a car (who wants to drive on the left side anyway), we ordered the smaller stuff online, and had the furniture delivered.

I had hoped for next day delivery, but alas, most of our stuff apparently comes from a warehouse in the UK and can only be delivered next week Wednesday.

I wonder how Brexit will influence Irish Ikea, because apparently there is exactly one in the whole Republic of Ireland.

There was one thing they could deliver the next day (so today, a few hours ago).


Recognize what it is?


Correct, it's a chair.

And not just one!

Once I had the prototype down (aka "don't need the manual anymore cause I know how it works"), @reggaemuffin joined me for a super-efficient German assembly line.

The nice thing about Ikea is that they usually supply you with hex-wrenches, so you don't need to own any yourself.

The problem with Ikea is, that they supply hex-wrenches in every single box, no matter how many chairs you ordered.

So, we now have an army of hex-wrenches.



Next up: Painting the walls green and blue, picking up our bikes, and waiting for everything else to arrive.

Maybe meet the neighbors to make sure they don't think we're creeps.

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