Love yourself regardless of your weight

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Growing up I was a cute, chubby girl. It didn't bather me that much, I loved eating, and people opinion of me wasn't so important to me - I was shy and quiet - and not so popular.

In my adolescence it became of an issue, I was gaining more weight, and feeling more insecure. My family was criticizing me more, telling me to eat less, to work on my figure. It was getting in to me, I started view myself less and less pretty. To hate my body.

A picture of me 4 years ago

So I ate less, exercise more - much more. I had a plan and I was weighing myself everyday, and I lost weight. I was very visible - everybody was congratulating for that, but it wasn't enough for me. I still hated my body, still felt fat and ugly. And I was getting closer to the risky, bad side of dieting - eating disorder (In general I believe diet is not a good thing at all, and almost all diets are a form of eating disorder. eating healthy is very important. dieting - not.

At some point I realized it's wrong. I was hurting myself. so I tried stopping it, with little to no success. I couldn't stop over thinking, over analyzing every bite. My saving was going over seas - I went to Thailand for 5 month, I was teaching there, and I decided that no matter what - I'm stopping it. And I did. I also gained a lot of weight - apparently I didn't know anymore how to eat normally.

In Thailand, + 5 kg.

Coming back home, it took me time to figure it out, and luckily I did. now I manage to eat normally, and love myself and my body with and without extra kilograms. still, weighting myself to often can hurt, causing me to spiral again, I still have to work on it.

So what is my point? Love yourself. you are beautiful just the way you are, it's not a cliche! and believe me - everybody see it, when you love yourself - you look much better.

Just a little update - I was interviewing with 2 other teams, it was nice, but I didn't got an answer yet...


Hey @noogler: welcome to the community. Although what you are sharing is very personal, yet with a message that is relatable, impactful, all of this lost in misuse of grammar and spelling. In my opinion, it really takes away from something that could otherwise be amazing.

All the best and good luck,

@noogler, there is nothing to worry about if you are a little overweight. To me you look just perfect. Congrats on getting the job at Google (your next post).

Thank you!

Your mind is driven by fear, doubt, and judgment.
His job is to keep you safe and safe!
Instead of making friends with our mind,
we judge it, fight it, and try to repel it
Hoping he would just stop! And so he only got stronger,
As you already know -what we oppose becomes permanent

I wish I will manage to break this rivalry

Read again what I wrote and think about it a little :)

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