How To Slowly Get Back On The Low Carb Diet

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Having a 3-Day weekend is a wonderful thing, but when you over-eat or not even over-eat, but just eat things not on your diet, you can really feel it, the next few days.

I have been falling off of my low carb diet for the last few months since I started a full-time job, so weening myself off of high carb and sugary foods is going to take a little effort.

When I feel like I want something sweet, I go for bars like Power Crunch that has around 1/3 of the sugar as a Kit Kat or similar bar. Of course, it would be better to go cold turkey, but it's a start.

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My friend how are you, really dieting is a great sacrifice for it we must have a lot of willpower but we are human beings and we have our weaknesses fortunately you recover quickly and return to your diet low in carbohydrates
A pleasure to say hello again little by little I return to my rhythm in steemit

I'm a coach in the gym and I know what you mean, eating carbohydrate in a few words will generate body mass d} not so much of the good one but the one that you have to burn more doing exercises

Yup, I've had those. There's still some sugar, so I try not to eat, like five of them at a time... Unless no one is looking.

Ah, yes the last-minute-get-back-in-shape-low-carb-diet before summer deal. Good luck. We'll need it. ; )

This looks very rich friend, if it is low in carbohydrates much better.

The dilemma of food and our work is right when it is a full-time job is so difficult to take a good diet you know that there is also a serious problem and is not eating at the time, we must eat at the time that many times for work It makes us so hard to try to respect our time of eating.

I hope you are fine.

Hello how are you?

This bar of chocolate looks very good not bad to start again that happens many times we get rid of that good food and most of all it usually happens when we are so busy working that we almost do not have the time of anything and we must eat many times anything or fast food due to weather

You're right it's kind of hard to leave all this I have some months working full time as you say it's a bit difficult not to eat high carbohydrate foods sometimes the stress or anxiety hit us, I've been trying to control today maybe start with my workouts but at home

I understand you when you say that you are going down or going in low area with your diet