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I have come across this web page by accident and saw some videos explaining it. There are a lot of ICOs claiming to back up their tokens by physical gold, but this is the first one, yes the first one with proof that they have physical gold behind their claim. They have an agreement with starbullion company in Singapore and they are already listed in This is a decentralized exchange, which means you do not need to do KYC procedures or anything like that, and the withdrawals are automatic. Some centralized exchanges require all kinds of things in the name of security, some even approve withdrawals manually, while this exchange is decentralized and has no such nonsense. Another great way to buy or sell digital GOLD tokens is through their marketplace. You simply send your ETH or BTC to the smart contract at the address, and the ETH smart contract sends you the digital GOLD tokens. You can also sell your tokens simply by sending them to the same smart contract, and you will get your crypto as BTC or ETH.

Here is a video explaining how the marketplace works:

A good way to explain the GOLD token and digital gold is related to storage. If you want to invest in gold and keep your investment at home, you are in danger. People can always come to your house to steal physical gold, or it can be stolen on the road, from your bag, you name it. Digital gold, however, is harder to steal, and the GOLD tokens on the blockchain are impossible to steal. You simply keep your private keys secure, and if you are using a hardware wallet or an android/IOS decentralized non-custodial wallet you simply memorize your recovery phrase. Your mind is your safe and you can even keep two addresses, one with a small number of digital tokens and another with the large investment you want to keep. In case a thief or a gangster wants to steal your crypto, you give them the phrase for the wallet with a small amount of money. Harry Potter would call this “muggle worthy lock”.

Blockchain and the smart contract on the site has been audited by the Swiss-based blockchain security company ChainSecurity and the contract was found to have no-fault, no breaches nor vulnerabilities. It is solid as gold!
You gotta love gold and anything solid as gold :)

You can use digital gold tokens as a gift and send them anywhere in the world to your loved ones. They will be there in minutes, and you will not have to pay extravagant fees, as in the old way of sending money or goods.
Here is in the form of a necklace:

How about this gold watch with the digital gold logo:

Lovely, isn’t it? However, digital gold tokens can also be used to hedge against inflation. The thing about USD and Euro is that there is inflation and the respective central banks have been printing these currencies. After all, there is no way to prevent these banks from printing this paper money, we call FIAT and the only bad side for them is the inflation. Therefore, USD and Euro have been losing its value, and USD has lost 98 percent of its value for the past 100 years. Gold, on the other hand, kept its value and even increased it about 50 folds. So by purchasing gold tokens, you are getting your hands on physical gold by getting a tokenized, more secure, and a transparent version of it.

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