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Hello everyone! It's me again @joreneagustin sharing my drawing and there's a simple tutorial below on how to draw the hair. If you are interested in digital drawing,you can start first in the basic drawings. So I guess it's not hard for you to do this hair tutorial.


So lets go!Please read below!👇

Draw all the lines,like the clothes,ponytail and the hair. It's up to you if what kind of hair do you prefer in drawing. For me I drew the semi curly hair.

In drawing,I used dip pen soft

This is what it looks like when I finish to draw all the lines.

Okay let's color the flower first or her ponytail using dip pen soft

After coloring the ponytail, Let's go to the hair!This is the most awaiting part of my blog for today on how to do the simple hair.

Find this pen on your ibispaint X app

So this is the pen FLAT WATERCOLOR MIX


Takenote:You need Ibispaint in digital drawing. Cause my tutorial for today is all about digital.

I Traced first the hair line I drew and I used light color first


Brush it slightly from up to down then I add darker color of hair.

This is what it look likes


I added darker color again in the hair and I brush it up to down. i put it near to the light and semi dark color so that it will look better.

I brushed it all slowly until I finished.And this is now the result.Simple as the instructions


If you want to add some designs you can also add to yours. I just added leaves falling to my drawing and you can add whatever you want on your drawing too.


That's all the process I hope it's helpful to you.Thank you!

Hi! It's me Jorene Agustin,sharing my latest artworks here in STEEMIT.I'm a newbie and want to explore more on arts Im willing to learn from you and also willing to teach for those interested to know about my simple arts.I want to share my simple knowledge to those newbie like me.If you are interested, I'm posting my arts in my blog with procedures.See you again in my next post,BYEEE!