My past condemns me

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story by yuziki

-I just wanted to go back and reverse everything!

  • The girl with the light blue hair cried *
    (Flashback Off)
  • Alarm clock rings *
    -This dream again ... * I rub my forehead that was wet with sweat *
    -It's always that, why does it still torment me today?
    {-Well, I know you don’t understand anything!

Well ... my name is Kimy, I am 16 years old and I have lived in New York since I was 14 years old, my birth parents left me in an orphanage when I was 8 years old, 6 years later I was finally adopted and brought here to NY, and the dream I had, or rather ... nightmare! It was the “simple” memory of that day! Now I have the rest of my life}

  • I get up from the bed and head towards the bathroom, look at myself in the mirror and see my tired face again *
    -Why even after being adopted, everything does not return to normal? Why am I still like this after all? * soak my face to try to wake up completely because it already said 6: 19 on the clock *
    -and here we go again ... * simulate false enthusiasm *
    -Kimy ~ ready yet?

  • my half sister Minah comes into the bathroom with our uniform on *
    -I'm already going Minah! * I said closing the bathroom door, because I was changing clothes *
    -For hurry up !! * she said and left *
    (Breaking Time)
    House 6: 49

  • go downstairs and see my “parents” at the table having breakfast *
    -Good morning * they said in sync *
    -..... * I didn't answer, not because of bad manners, but because I was late! *
    -LOVE YOU!!! * ran to school *
    (Breaking Time)
    School 7: 09
    -I ARRIVED! * scream when I get to school and keep running to my office *
    Classroom 7: 11

  • I walk into the room and ask permission for the history teacher, he grants it and I go to my place *

  • Did you dream about that again? * my colleague / friend at the table asks me *


{this is Lisa, she has been my friend since i arrived here in NY and here we are}
-Yes! * I say quietly and right after I lay my head on the book I just placed on my table *

to be continued

Yuziki is my 13 years old daughter and she loves create memes.

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