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As it stands now, blockchain technology is one of the leading advancements of our time. It is known to provide solution to the technical difficulties of several industries in different sectors, preferentially selecting the finance sector. However, the block chain in its high importance finds issues with getting widely accepted by the masses. In the start of 2017, the world saw a high increase in initial coin offerings (ICOs) which saw the world seeing and believing in a true glamorous future in block chain technology. Unfortunately, towards the end of 2018 questions were raised as to when exactly the world of crypto currencies and utility tokens would actually rise through its challenges and be widely accepted by all.


Crossing the hurdle with Digital Bits block chain

The big question is how will block chain technology cross this hurdle and become a real uneven force in our world today? In an attempt to build its future, it seems one of the ways to achieve its aim is to target existing markets which possess a very large number of users, probably billions which block chain technology is yet to attain and also which offers digital asset and transform such a market to tokens of block chain which benefits both consumers and the market. This opens the way for Digital Bits block chain which serves the purpose of getting block chain technology right on track in the course of achieving mass adoption.


Digital Bits block chain allow easy tokenisation of assets allowing for the arrival and use of new technologies to facilitate and enhance the day to day interactions of consumers with the market and also would possess flexibility, be easy to use and helps block chain technology to achieve its main goal of getting widely accepted.

Token information


  • Type ICO
  • Token XDB
  • Platform Blockchain
  • Token Price 0.004 USD
  • Token for sale 10,000,000,000 XDB (10%)
  • Token supply 100,000,000,000 XDB



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