Digital Gold – Enabling Gold-Backed Payments

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Gold is famed to be one of the assets worth having. The potentialities have since made way into popular sayings, such as it is worth more than gold. That is to show that gold has a special place in the hearts of many. The poser there borders on how gold made its way up the ladder to become one of the most favoured and most used assets around the world. It is quite simple – gold has appreciating value! Therefore, it is not likely to be under the weather when the financial market starts to go on a downward spiral.

Using Gold for Payments

Dear Gold Investor,
Have you been able to make use of gold for investments? It is a question that would literally force you to realize that the otherwise famed Number One Asset in the World may have no market value. So, why can’t you use gold for investments as you may have used other assets? That may be because the market has not been tapped. That notwithstanding, the Digital Gold blockchain platform is here to open up those opportunities.

What Is Digital Gold?

We are looking at a platform that is made up of two keywords, Digital and Gold. Dissecting them, we have Digital meaning anything that has to do with or is connected to the Internet. On the other hand is our favourite asset – gold. Brining them together, it can be deduced that Digital Gold blockchain platform is aiming at creating a medium for investors to make use of gold to make transactions over the Internet.

If that is the case, the points below are some of the takeaways highlighting the benefits of using the Digital Gold blockchain platform.
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Fiat Gold Investments with Digital Assets

It is no longer secret that many blockchain-based projects release digital assets in the form of crypto tokens and crypto coins. Those are designed to give the investors the equivalents of the amount they invested in the projects.

Under the Digital Gold platform, investors are allowed to use the GOLD Token to acquire many grams of FINE Gold, which is stored in a dedicated vault offline.

Maximum Privacy

You don’t want to be the cynosure of all eyes. You need to be operating privately without having anybody monitoring what you are up to. Being that gold is an asset that appreciates and has increasing market value, you don’t want to court attention.

The Digital Gold platform provides you with maximum privacy. First, it allows you to take advantage of the anonymity of its blockchain network. Second and most important, it covers and privatizes the identities of users, just as it allows you to make use of a private digital wallet for all transactions.

Reduced Costs

You aren’t to be bored with paying countless fees. Provided you paid the minimum fee charged by the platform for transactions, you may be allowed to carry out other transactions without paying more fees.

Final Words

With Digital Gold, spending and making use of gold just took another dimension. Therefore, invest in the GOLD Token right away to book your slot in this burgeoning platform.

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