GOLD Token_ A Secure and Affordable Way to Store Your Assets in Real Gold

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Over the last two decades, we don't have the idea that there would be a way to store our assets with much stability with the physical gold.

However, this has become possible with the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The platform that is integrating the pure gold with blockchain is no other than Digital Gold.

The GOLD token is the native token of Digital Gold and a cryptocurrency that is backed by pure gold. It is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency in compliance with the Erc-20 standard.

The golds are safely stored in the Bullionstar vault storage with strong security. The token does not rely on government policy and the fiat money.

The GOLD token has a high rate of liquidity as it can be purchased and sold on the digital marketplace and other partner exchanges like Livecoin.

Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, the GOLD token is less volatile because it backed by gold which directly influences its value in the market. It is independent of changes in the exchange market and manipulation.

Unlike the traditional banking system, GOLD tokens users' funds will be stored as gold to keep their digital assets stable. The assets stored in the GOLD token will, therefore, be free from inflation and other economics and financial crisis that negatively affects the money market.

Digital Gold has proffered an easy way to store gold and invest in it. The interested users can proceed to the digital gold exchange marketplace to buy the GOLD token. Some other partner exchanges that users can utilize is Cryptex and Livecoin exchange who are actively trading the GOLD token.


For what reason MUST IT BE DIGITAL GOLD?

  • Security

Digital Gold scored high marks in security. The Digital Gold stage has cooperated with BullionStar to assist customers with storing their bought physical gold. GOLD tokens are usually stored automatically in a cold storage wallet that is in compliance with the Erc-20 standard. The platform has recently stipulated the sort of wallet users can utilize to store their tokens.

Fast Transaction

In conformity to ethereum blockchain, their platform offers a secure and fast innovation that makes exchange to be executed in a flash. Every transaction is carried out within some seconds.

  • Zero Expenses

Virtually every user of the Digital Gold token pays nothing for transacting on the digital gold exchange. This unique and satisfactory features of the Digital Gold over other cryptocurrencies and the conventional banking where individuals settle up to 7% for storing their assets.

  • Simplicity of Exchanging

Through the Digital Gold stage exchange marketplace, customers can without much of a stretch buy, sell, move, and store gold.

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The Gold token is surely a proven way for you to store your assets and wealth with less volatility and the full backings of the physical gold. It will protect your assets from getting affected by financial and economic crises like inflation, currency fluctuation, market collapse, and government policy.

The platform you can use to store your assets is fast, affordable, secure which makes viable options for you to stabilize your financial assets.

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