Digitex - Decentralized Democratic Exchange

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Simply Put:

If someone were to build a state he/she would need a few thing. Basic elements are Population, Territory, Sovereignty, Government etc.

On that basis if someone were to build a decentralized exchange system it would need a population(user), it would have a specific location on the internet, it would fluid and influential in other cryptos, and it would need a governing body.


Digitex fulfils it all. It is based on blockchain technology, it has a user base, and its fluid. The users vote on the prices and creation of tokens. Thus, without being centralized the currency has a democratic system. That way with best interest for themselves (users) in mind the platform stays afloat.

Here is a comparision of current exchanges:


By voting on the prices of different commodities a standard is created. It is know as future. This way the currency reaches a stable state.


  • Free exchange system
  • Complete control on account as only you have your private key
  • Stable and secure
  • Transparent and autonomous
  • Democratic

Thus, I as an active user of crypto think that digitex might change the way we exchange crypto.

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