Double Dinner From Door Dahs

in #dinner3 months ago



The night before last we ordered in Mexican from our favorite Mexican restaurant. DoorDash provides a cheap easy delivery system.

As we waited for dinner we were watching a video and I received a notice that the food had been delivered. :)

But the food hadn't arrived. It turned out that they delivered it to the wrong address, so they sent the driver to retrieve it and redelivered it.

Also, they sent a new order, I don't know if we will ever work through all of these left overs.



Looks super delicious! I hope you ate that bottom part and not the person who had it wrongly delivered :P

I suppose double dinner is a good deal IF you can eat it all before it spoils. We're too far out in the sticks to have delivery services... we do have one such service in town, but they charge an extra $10 to come out here... and it only 7 miles from where most of the restaurants are located.

Go figure...


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