Back in Amsterdam

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After spending 3 months recovering, resting and contemplating on Curacao, watch WheelLife in The Netherlands!

I've got a bunch of errands to run and Holland is 40 degrees C colder then dushi Korso -.-

Screenshot (8).png

I love contact sports, but due to my spinal cord injury I can't kickbox anymore. My best friend from high school surprised me with tickets to the

Badr Hari vs Hesdy Gerges fight!

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after a rough patch with my family, especially my mom, I went to the shrink with her -.- The session helped us understand each other again and we had a nice lunch in the World of Food in the Bijlmer, my neighborhood between 6 and 12.

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It might seem like a long episode, that's because the part of me and my friend Kawe were installing my dual monitor arms. We put the arm upside down because I tought it was cool, but then the height adjustments didn't work... We had to do the whole installation all over!!!

Screenshot (12).png

Check out how the Lokomat - a 100.000E robot helps me with my walking gait, and how I reflect on one of the darker days in my life.

Screenshot (15).png

Besides fixing my desk with monitors, getting a new mic and a couple of selfie tripods, I went to a repair shop for my broken screen on the OnePlus 3. The phone is ok now, but my crypto value went down the drain... -.-

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WheelLife is about the life of
I broke my neck in 2012,
but that couldn't stop me from living
the lavish lifestyle of a labrador.

Traveling and enjoying great company,
getting in touch with what lies within. is giving me unknown errors... Those who are about to Steem salute you!


@artzanolino resteemed you and I knew about him from @surfyogi
so now I am ion yo blog upvpotin you are posts

yo dawg I heard you like upvotes

so I put an upvote in you are upvote so you can upvote while you upvote

Nice post @wheellife upvoting all you are Blog now,

I think Dtube just needs you to make sure you upload a very small thumbnail file, that's one of the common errors. What was the error? Always post the error type when erporting an error! :D

thanks @tytran for responding to my error situation. it's and unknown error! i usually use the player to make a snap in the browser... I'll make a recording of an upload soon!

thanks @ackza, I see you're into EOS! my friend who advised me to get steem in oktober also told me about eos, what's exodus for?

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