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RE: Flood Safety Tips No. 1

in #disaster2 years ago

Cut and pasting bodies of text like you have done (in all your posts) is not acceptable here on steem. It is called plagiarism. I note that you have added the link to the site from which you have copied the text however this is not what the steem community call good work and is generally frowned upon.

If you continue to post in this fashion you will continue to receive little to no payout rewards so I suggest to you that you write some original content giving yourself a better chance of capturing the interest of larger accounts who may offer you some reward.

I note that you have recently upvoted some of my posts in quick succession. My suggestion is to read them, as an example of original content. Thank you for your upvotes, however I would be more pleased to see you create some interesting and original content of your own.

The choice to do so is in your hands and you may be surprised where your efforts may lead.


Thanks for your advice. maybe I didn't give enough time to my account. I'll try to do better afterward.

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