Disc golf meet-up..

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So @bethvalverde and I are meeting @hanedane and his gf @geke for some disc golf at Ferringer Ranch DGC in Littleton.. @bethvalverde couldn't make it because there are mystery shops in Gunnison and me being ther selfish prick I am went disc golfing without her..

As usual I'm hella early.. good photo op..


It looks like a great day to play..


Well.. except for the insane wind.. look at that flag remnant..


It was very obvious I was out matched in the disc department on the first hole.. @hanedane is a beast.. not one errant shot until hole 4 when he went wide right.. look at the wind blow..


Hole 7 is the smoking hole.. so I rolled one up..


Some action shots I took..

@hanedane teeing off..


@geke .. I tried to get her teeing off but dummy had the 5 second timer on..


Apparently @geke is a photo nut.. she took tons more pics .. she sent me these.. I picked my favorite 3..

Me teeing off..






@Actifit.. see.. disc golf is a REAL sport.. please add the #discgolf tag to available daily activity. That is all..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



We had fun on the round today - @geke took a photo of you on hole 11 when your upshot was parked! You didn't post that photo, but that was a damn great shot.


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i miss this sport. We had a course in NC when i was in college and we were on it every day. That is some insane wind though dude... most of our course was in the woods so wind was only a factor for about 5 of the holes.

I see you are one of those weirdos that has a "side-arm" approach for distance throws... I could never get the damn thing to move at all doing that. I remember regularly tearing the skin on my middle finger because of the way i went for distance - that really hurts. I haven't played in years but I loved this sport... would definitely play again once im near a course.

Sweet steemit disk :)

Yeah it's funny but I actually learned throwing backhand.. the forearm came second.. but I have more distance and more control with it.. if you ever come to Colorado let me know.. we'll go throw a round

Looks like yall had fun!


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