STEEM and SBD's are Now On Discordtip!

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The Developers at Discordtip have added STEEM and STEEM Backed Dollars to their tipbot!!


Remember this post I wrote, telling y'all that I was going to ask them to add STEEM? Well, I DID and I woke up this morning to the amazing news that they had done it!! According to calculations, adding STEEM to the Discordtip bot will get STEEM to about 170,000 peoples eyes, all the different communities on Discord! WEEEEEEEEEE!!


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Thanks for all the support you guys, I'm so excited to see how this positively impacts all of us here at Steemit!




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oh sweet! thanks @andrarchy!!

Has anyone been able to withdraw Steem?

Well done you!

Is there a guide on how to use it?

thanks, I'm really excited, I feel like this is going to be great for the platform!

When you bring the bot to your server, type !help in the direct message it sends you, and it'll give you how to use it. Is that what you were looking for?

Hopefully it will do just that!

So the server admins need to enable it? I guess they need to know it's available.

Should we be tweeting about this so other Discord communities (not the ones that appeared via Steem) know about it?

I've tweeted this post for starters :D

oh that's awesome, thank you!! I'll tweet it too... funny, I just re-booted my twitter account last night!

Thanks! And great job again!

This excelent news, sir! I love Steemit! You are amaze for Steemit chain! All lucks to you, sir! Steemit to the moon!


thank you kind sirs! follow4follow?

Send me tips, ok? 🤑

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thanks! where've you been, I miss you!! Hope all's well... xoxo

This is AMAZING! Thank you for fighting to bring Steem to Discord. It’s people like you that will ensure that this cryptocurrency and community become a force to be reckoned with!

Great job, Steem sista! 💕🤟🏻

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hey lady!! thank you so much for the kudos!! I really hope this will help give Steemit a nice morale boost!

BrillIant stuff @bethalea clearly doesn’t hurt to ask in the crypto community now if we can get steem to be a tipping bot on other social media platforms too, who knows where this thing could go?

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thank you @chekohler! It's funny, I use discord waaaayyy more than any other social media sites these days, but I agree, more is better!😄

Oh man - that's freaking amazing! Well done - does celebratory dance

hahaha, yaaas!! thanks!


Great News!

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I'm super stoked, thank you!!

That's pretty exciting news @bethalea! And well done for being a driving force behind making it happen! I guess this is really a great example of how WE can be the drivers behind getting things done... there's no "they" from above who's going to come along and get it done.

I hope the many community admins take note of this, too! Step one is to have it; step two is to use it!


nice one, how did that happen darling :-)?

I asked them to add STEEM and then they did! :)

Beth ... stop downplaying what you did here. You polled a lot of data, identified a need, researched who could quickly and easily solve the problem, you initiated contact with Developers and explained the situation with all of your data and they agreed that this was something that would be beneficial to all and they chose to implement your idea.

Way to go Beth!

Was not involved but I am pretty damn sure this was the process - sao again kudos to Lady @bethlea for her convincing work incl. the entire process - I sometimes wished other blockchain companies would have and / or use these skills.

thanks uwelang!

thanks Tuck ... I didn't want to seem cocky :)

You been there with a gun saying either add them or the @tuck-fheman is killing your bloody discord thing lol?

Well done - you are a rockstar!

You did it! How is this not already bot funded to the Trending page?

This is great and where do I find it, how do I install it in my discord?

did you get it going ok? sorry it took me a while to get back to you @danielvehe.

Thanks, I already knew how to do it. Now I'm testing. I was able to deposit but not withdraw. When I learn well I will do a tutorial for many communities to install it easy

Thanks for this information @bethalea!

Ill have to try and add this to the @steemusa discord tonight or later this week hopefully someone sees this and reminds me because I know im going to forget.

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I won't let you forget 😉 :joins_steemusa_discord:

Great job & thank you!!

We’re one big family of Steem, connected through Steemit and other hundreds of DApps on Steem blockchain, with unity and perseverance, there’s nothing we want that we cannot achieve, there’s no height that we cannot attain to!

Thanks @bethalea

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we will wait for more tips..

Highly rEsteemed!

Wonderfultastic! This cannot but translate into more buying pressure on STEEM and SBD.

hahaha, VERY wonderfultastic!!!

this is the hope, right?!? More eyes on STEEM = more buying! then m00n!

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