Retail Investors Moving From Reddit to Discord

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WallStreetBets went private on Reddit but then they came back, after the worldwide drama that ensued over the GameStop investing situation.
It's reported that the page went dark for about half an hour. Since the GameStop situation gained viral attention, the page has earned a lot of attention and now even more people are looking to the subreddit to see if they can find some valuable information being shared.

But retail investors have been moving to another area, increasingly it's reported that they've been gathering on Discord.
And the Discord team has reportedly been helping the r/WallStreetBets team to actively moderate their new server, after they allegedly banned the group over controversial content.

This platform has become an active hub for those retailer investors to discuss tips, trading strategies, and more.

One of those popular gathering spots, Ace Enterprises, has gained tens of thousands of members in several months, with many looking to find valuable stock information from the group. Some users already admit to making significant profits from using information they learned from others in the group.

This is just one of many that are centered around investing information and sharing tips etc. Another group, Atlas Trading, has around 400k+ members on Discord.

Discord now serves over 100 million users around the world. People use it to discuss finances, gaming, chat with friends, and more. There are millions of different communities to be found and discussions to take part in.

The younger retailer investors coming in the market look here to stay.

Retail investing as a portion of overall market activity has almost doubled since the beginning of last year. The GameStop situation brought a ton of new interest for investing from many young people.
If they can use these platforms and the connections they make to secure a better financial future for themselves, which otherwise wouldn't have been possible without those tools making it an opportunity to capture, then that is going to help many people around the world. At the end of the day it just looks like markets are becoming more accessible to the average person, despite some saying that Robinhood and others might be going about it in the wrong way if that is their goal.



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