Disco Tuesday - show us your Tunes

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Disco Sounds - This genre lacks a bit

I am still confident Steem, Hive and EOS can make peace - all chains in general are too good but who knows. Let us stick to music - today with a bit older sounds. Music plays a major role across every human across the world so let us just have fun, play music, listen to music, go dancing in clubs or wherever, to whatever music you like.

Music connects the World!

I am totally convinced that music is one of the few things that really can build bridges between different nations, religions, movements. Music can heal, music stops wars, music makes people smile and happy.

Today I found some old records (vinyl stuff!) from the good old 1980ies - so here some 80ies Electronic Music (some called New Wave, some Synthi - whatever - I like all these songs)! You will have the opportunity to listen and watch the likes of The Human League, Kraftwerk, Soft Cell, Yazoo, Animotion and Visage.

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Cool! Alle angespielt... meine Kindheit ....

Das freut mich - ich muss öfters posten