Win SBDs: Discover Your Body - Art Contest - #2 Lower Leg

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This is the second part of the #discoveryourbody art contest. This time we are dealing with the lower leg. If you have not heard of this contest yet you can check out the invitation post for the whole contest here. It is a 14 week long contest where we will deal with a new part of the body in each week.

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What topics can we expect for the next weeks?

First week: Feet - FINISHED! You can find the results and the winners here
Second week: Lower legs
Third week: Knees
Fourth week: Tighs
Fifth week: Reproductive organs
Sixth week: Hip
Seventh week: Belly
Eighth week: Breast
Nineth week: Hands
Tenth week: Elbows
Eleventh week: Back
Twelveth week: Shoulders
Thirteenth week: Neck
Fourteenth week: Head

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What prices are there?

The prices for the winners of each week will be:
1st: 3 SBDs
2nd: 2.5 SBDs
3rd: 2 SBDs
4rth: 1.5 SBDs
5th: 1 SBD
6th-10th: 0.5 SBDs

Also there will be a price for steemians who participate (with original works) in the whole body experience - feet to head!

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What do I need to do to participate?

  1. Resteem and upvote this post
  2. Create a lower-leg-related artwork (No photography or digital artworks please)
  3. Post your work and comment the link and a photo of your work in the comments (Only one submission for each topic)

PL245993 (3).JPG

When will the prices get payed out?

One week after this post. The new topic will be announced again in the post with the winners.

PL298722 (2).jpg

The aim of this contest is to motivate the art community on steemit to improve their skills by practicing their skills with new body parts every week. Paying attention to the detail helps you to understand the whole organism. Since I am an artist too I am happy to support other artists in this community. Also we all get a huge pool of inspiration(considering that there were more than 150 feet -including mine and the ones that did not follow the rules of the contest, 148 real submissions- shared in this contest). Please support this contest with your votes so I can continue hosting it. I would love to see how all the 14 topics inspiring steemians to create amazing things. All the artworks presented to you in this post are my original works. I expect you to be fair and only participate with your original content too.


Lots of Light and Love <3


A good contest!

My entry--------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hallo beautiful girl, I am happy to see your entry again. This is a really nice drawing of lower legs. I like that you worked with different colours and how you drew the shapes :)

Fantastic sumbission. I do not know why you used the tag "untalented"! This is an awesome drawing. The shaddows and the light areas are drawn very well and I like the way the legs enter into the drawing through the fabric.

Wow thanks ma'am for your wonderful insight.

Here is my entry I hope you like it, I had a lot of fun doing it. Good luck to everyone!


Great drawing that really shows trained legs at perfection. The shading is very impressive. I wish the quality of the picture was better to see it more clear but I really enjoy this work anyways. Thank you for being part of this contest :)

Thank you very much @yoganarchista for supporting and evaluating my work, I know that the camera is not the best: / but if you can see little good work. Thank you for the opportunity!

Awwwww where’s the „gluteus Maximus“ week? :( you got a „reproductive organs“ week but no „butt week?!“ so sad.. 😆

Hello!! It's me again, this is my participation for the contest, I hope you like it.


Thanks to @yoganarchista for the opportunity

Fantastic submission. I like the way you drew all the details of the lower legs here. We can really guess through the drawn skin where the bone goes and how the muscles are attached to it. Well done :)

Thanks for your comment!!, Can you resteem my post? please :(

Wow so lifelike!

Se ve muy maravilloso hermano!

Wonderful work! I really like the way you play with thee water reflection that is perturbateed by the waves that are caused by the movement of the legs. This way you are telling a whole story about the lower leg in your artwork. I also like the colours you used and how you did the shading :)

Thank you so much! I never expected to receive such good feedbacks from you. I really appreciate it so much. 😊X

that is very nice

Beautiful submission. The way you do the shading and the highlights is very nice. The body posture and the choosen cur really make the lower leg the centre of the drawing. I follow you :) Thank you for sharing your work in this contest.

Thank you very much @yoganarchista I really appreciate it. This is a wonderful way to bring steemit traditional artwork artists together and have fun drawing, I'm looking forward to participating in the upcoming contests. By the way beautiful artwork you have, keep sharing it with us 😉

Fantastic work :) Thank you for sharing your vision of the lower leg. Nice to see the anathomy in action.

This is my drawing to enter in the contest "Discover your body" Art contest - #2 Lower Leg

The next time you participate in the contest please provide the link to your post in the comment so I can find it easier and it does not take to much time to find it to support it :)

Your drawing is looking fantastic. I love the warm colours of the backgroundd and the dark skin with the white skirt. Also the light situation is great because it automatically brings the attention to the lower leg, the topic of this contest. fantastic work! I follow you and I resteemed your post :)

Thank you for this beautiful submission. I really like how the shape of leg and feet in repeated in the shells and fish. The colours bring a lot of life to the situation too. Resteemed :)

Hi @yoganarchista. Here I will leave my participation in the excellent contest that you are doing. For me this is a great opportunity, thank you.

Fantastic work! Resteemed and Followed. The idea to combine an silhuette figure with legs that are drawn with full shading is fantastic. But to make it a with a guy doing Kung Fu: perfect! Thank you very much for your submission :)

Thank you very much for this amazing submission. I really like the shows and the way you drew the legs.

This is my drawing to enter in the contest "Discover your body" Art contest - #2 Lower Leg

Thank you for being part of this. I like the way you connect different football related ideas in this drawing. Another thing that is great about the work is that due to the darker shading we can see that the focus of the drawing is on the lower leg.

Thanks for your words that fill me with a lot of emergia to continue participating in your contests, and thanks for the initiative. Blessings.

Thank you very much for this nice submission. I like the way you illustrate the change of the muscular shape when weight is on the whole foot or just on the tip of the toe ready to leave the floor. Also the shading is nice and energetic.

Thanks @yoganarchista i just waiting for your commented, thank you 😆

Great work :) I see you have a special plan for the body discovering process. Do you spray too? Looks like a well done tag on your lower leg :)

Hi dear @yoganarchista i present my participation in this contest, i hope you like and thank you very much for the iniciative

Thank you for participating in the contest :)

Please remember next time to post the picture in the comment with the link. This makes it much easier for me to see all entries. Because if there is just a link I might forget to check it. I really like the soft outlines of your drawing and the way you see the lower leg flowing towards the heels. Well done :)

Hello! @yoganarchista this is my drawing with which participates in your contest I hope you like it. I really liked your initiative


Hey @dope96 :) Thank you very much for this beautiful sumission. I really enjoy the way you drew the shadings in this piece. Also I like the flowers and leaves you added to surround the figure. Followed :)

I really feel happy because you liked my drawing, I will wait next week to participate in the delivery # 3 of the contest.

Hello @yoganarchista this is my entry for your contest discover your body - art contest - #2 Lower leg.


Thank you for participating in the contest. I really like about your submission how much love you put in the details of the tattoo and the shoes. The lover leg is definatly in the focus of your artwork.

Thank you for being part of this contest again. This is a really beautiful submission. I love the colours and patterns.

Thank you very much for your submission. The perspective you choose is really interesting. I also like that we can see the movement of the leg because of the way the foot is drawn.

Hola amiga @yoganarchista, gracias por tu oportunidad de participar en este concurso, aqui dejo el link de mi arte:

Thank youvery much for your submission. In your post it looks like we can really learn something about the lower leg. Gracias por entrar en el contesto (I have no idea if this is correct espanol). I follow :)

Thank you for submitting this fantastic buquet of lower legs. the colours of the leggins and the flowers match with the socks in a wonderful way.

Thank you very much for this extraordinar submission. I like the way you drew the blood vessels in the lower legs. Looks pretty natural.

thank you, that good you like, I consider myself hardly a fond of drawing, and I am trying every day to do a little better

Thank you very much for your great submission. I lie the way you connect the legs above the knee. Looks totally weird and brings a fantastic optical illusion to the piece. I also like that you drew the whole scene in action.

Hello my friend, my inspiration was based on the delicacy of the woman and the beauty represented with the national symbols of my country Venezuela, I am new in this art world but I did my best effort, I hope you like it. Thanks @yoganarchista for this contest. Greetings and blessings my friend.

Thank you for this beautiful submission. Interesting how you connect the lower leg with the natural enviroment and symbolism of your country. It is the lower leg tht gives us the power to climp and hike and discover the beauty that nature has to offer.

Thanks to you give us the opportunity to express ourselves in a paper with pencil and colors ... greetings!

Gracias amiga @mariginia, saludos!

Hey @rangar29, thank you for this great submission. I really like the way you drew the muscles of the lovere leg in this drawing. One can really see that they are the main subject of the artwork. the shoes and pants are drawn with a lot of love for the detail too. Well done.

Fantastic submission. I really like the style of shading you are using and the way you work with outlines. It brings a nice light situation to the drawing.

Thank you for sharing your artwork in this contest. I like the association of the leg and a spiral.

it's good that you like it...

Thank you very much for your submission. The way you draw the muscular shape with edges is very interesting, also that you made the back of the knee very round.

Thank you very much for your submission. The legs you drew look very stong in the lower leg muscles and the drawing shows you why because we can see the shoes. I like the drawing but the focus is more on the shoes because they have more shading. Please put the picture in the comment with the link next time. It makes it easier for my overview.

Hello my dear friend @yoganarchista, here my presentation of the lower leg contest, thank you for your motivation to art, I am very grateful for that. On this occasion I was inspired a bit by the Renaissance era. I hope you like Greetings ..

Thank you for this beautiful submission. I like the patterns and the abstraction of the bones as a smaller skinnier version of the foot. Thats a fun idea. Also the aura surrounding the lower leg is fascinating :)

Thank you very much for your submission. I really like the colours you choose and he way you play with the light. Also the shape of the lower leg is interesting.

hello maam,, i would like to show you my second entry to your contest hope you like it :),,, thank you



Thank you for this beautiful submission. I really like the way you connect the tribal patterns with the energetic movement of the legs.

thanks you appreciate it :) :)

Thank you very much for your sumission. I really like the way you let us look into the leg from both sides to see the muscular structure and the bones. Nice use of colours also.
My week #2 artwork submission
"Little Legs Sleeping"

Great submission. The drawing style is awesome. I like this mixture of shading styles that imply the structure of the fabrics on the drawing and the way the body is interacting with the enviroment.

Very beautiful artwork. Very close to reality. It only means I need more practice.

Beautiful drawing. You worked so good with light and shaddow. It is super-realistic. I really like the mirroring floor under the foot as well. Thank you very much for sharing your artwork :) Resteemed and Followed :)

Very beautiful work. I enjoy the pattern that you choose for the legs in contrast to the facric pattern. It looks like flames but also like geometric figures. The colouring and the way you arranged the things on the picture looks very nice. Thank you for participating in the contest :)

I am very happy you like it. Thank you very much. I will join all until the end of this series. :) Best regards to you, the contest, and the participants. :)

Thank you very much for this wonderful entry. I really like the colous you use in the drawing and the dynamic they create. Followed :)

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Here my entry to the contest @yoganarchista


Thank you very much for this lovely submission. I like the way the foot caresses the lower leg. I follow you now :)

Thank you very much for submitting your piece of art. I like the wavy look the body has and the stange proportion of the streight leg. I follow you now :)

Thank you very much for your submission. I like the round shapes that you used to illustrate the lower leg and the flower (tattoo?) on it. Thats a lovely detail that brings the focus to the lower leg. Well done :)

Thank you very much for your submission. I like your idea of cencoring the feet to really make the lower leg the topic of the drawing. well done :) i follow :)

Hi everyone, here’s my entry to this contest. Hope you like.

Very nice drawing. I like the shading and colouring and the positioning as well. looks like the person is sitting on a little wall we cannot see and the feet are for real floating hrough the air above the ground.

Hi, I drew this originally for the feet contest (and commented late), but I just realized that my drawing is of the lower leg! So... I suppose either better late than never or ... here is my post for contest #2!!

I'm so excited, this is silly.


I am sorry but I do not allow digital works in this contest. It is also written in the post. I really like your design though. Maybe you want to make a sketch of it with pencils to submitt it? I want to be have and give everyone the same chances.

Ok, after a few embarrassing drawings (detailed in the post), I have a version that I am happy to share.

Full post:

Thank you!

Thank you for following the rules of the contest in this submission. I even prefere this drawing.

Me, too! And thank you for the resteem!

Oh my mistake! I definitely misread that warning. Yes, maybe I can fit in a sketch.

Fantastic submission. The subject of your drawing does not only show the lower leg but a way to train it. That is a great idea for discovering the body. Thee way you worked it out is great. Thank you for submitting your artwork :)

Here is my entry.
It has been in honor of people with a special condition, and who struggle daily despite the circumstances.

Thank you very much @yoganarchista
Link direct Click


Thank you very much for this amazing submission. One can really see the power that those mechanical lower legs have and the new chances for life they give to people. I also like the colouring and the way you drew the sunning ground. So vivid! I follow :)

That is such a beautiful drawing of the lower leg. I am happy you are participating in this contest with this great piece of art. The colours and the style reminds me of the drawings we are doing on the walls in @kaliberlin at the moment. Thank you for being part of this contest and submitting your art.

Wonderful drawing of muscles and other fibre. I like to have a look into the leg and I have no idea about the anathomic correctness of your work but it is truely fascinating and worked out well :)

Thank you very much for this submission. You really did a great job on the lower legs here. We see one knee streight and one bend. This is how one lower leg is extended while the other one is not. I really like the tattos and the harry potter detail.

Thank you very much for your submission. Next time post the picture with the link in the comments :)

This is an amazing drawing. The colours you used and the topic you choose are great. I like to see the legs the other way round. Also the flippers look beautiful. Thank you for this amazing submission.

Thank you for this interesting submission. I like that you play with outline and colour and that the lower legs are clothed yet the shape is totally visible. Thank you for submitting your art inthis contest.

My entry. Thanks for a unique and challenging contest.

Thank you very much for this great submission. I like the way you played with bandages to give the lover leg an even more interesting shape. I like the rough lines and the energetic drawing stle as well :)

Here's mine:


Like last time, it's more of a sketch than a work of art, but I'm getting good practice out of your contests, so thanks for that :)

Here's the post.

Again I have to tell you that you underestimate your fantastic drawing. I really enjoy the shading and the way you draw the leg hair (this is super difficult for me and the way you do it it looks very natural). Thank you for submitting your artwork :)

hello greetings to all of steemit especially @yoganarchista ... Here I leave my participation this week ... (legs)


Thank you for submitting this beautiful drawing. I like the style of the chair the figure sits on works with the way she holds her feet and plays with the shoe.

Thank you for this amazing submission. The outlines and the shading are very cool. The panties work with the shoes and the movement is energetic.

Thank you very much for your submission :) I really like the legs you present to us :)

Fantastic drawing. I really like the drawing style and the way you interpreted the topic. I enjoy the details like the moon and the steemit logo too. Well done. Resteemed and Followed. I would prefere though if you do not post anymore unrelated gifs under my contst for it is hard enough to have an overview because there are so many comments <3

Thank you for your submission. I do not think that your leg looks bad. The only thing that you can improve in my eyes is that you bring more focus to the lower leg than to the foot. Anyways great drawing. Thank you for sharing it here :)

Next time put the picture next to the link in your comment :)

Good afternoon @yoganarchista. This way, my ticket to this contest. Warm greetings and good luck to all participants.

Paso 7 Producto Final.jpg

This submission really deals with the lower leg in a nice way. It illustrates th way we are unshure how to handle our legs in public. Everyone has a sitting position in the public transport or at home. on our picture it is in a spa so everyone is wearing towels except the receeption lady. Nice variation of lower legs.

Thank you very much for your comment. It is a pleasure for me to share it with you and all the other participants. Much obliged for the opportunity you've given us. Thank you @yoganarchista!

Thank you for this fantastic submission. I really like your drawing because of the hard light situation you choose to make a dark shading and strong contures. I follow you now :)

Fantastic drawing. I really like the way you draw the lower leg and how the shape is influenced by the high heels. I follow you now :)