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RE: Up-voting yourself, is it really worth it?

in #discussion4 years ago (edited)

an you just successfully detroyed the ROI of @levitation... congrats!

but on the topic: limited self-voting is fine! anything beyond 20% should be shunned upon! The story is different when you've become a whale... that comes with a bigger responsibility to contribute and curate... just my to cents


my bad! is there a way i could have used levitation more effectively?

In general I wouldn't pay bid-bots such a high percentage of their 100% upvote value.

@levitation has an upvote of roughly 24SBD total atm... you sent 7.5 SBD their way... that's almost a third. Consider how many pther bidders a bot usually has per round and it becomes obvious. Your timing was superb, but the volume too exaggerated!

Oh ok yeah I thought I had seen that their up-vote was at 200 and that there wasn't many bids on this round yet