Up-voting yourself, is it really worth it?

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As I still have a very small amount of up-vote power, I started thinking about how I will plan to use my future, more valuable up-votes. We have all seen the people that only up-vote themselves, not wasting any of their precious up-vote power. I mainly see this with people in between a minnow and a dolphin; people go around and post very effortless comments on other's posts or of replies on their own posts, just to use all the up-vote power they can on themselves. This can easily backfire on someone who does this, as people could get tired of the selfish use of Steem power and choose to unfollow or just not up-vote one's posts. In addition, I've seen lots of people that don't really add any valuable information , content, or ideas that are perfectly content to just up-vote themselves a bunch of times and then call it a day. If everyone did this, the value of Steem would eventually just diminish to nothing.

The good news is, many whales understand this and from what I've seen, take lots of time to review and reward good quality posts. They understand that rewarding people that are value-adding Steemians will, in the long term, return them much more on their heavy investment in Steemit than simply up-voting themselves exclusively. If everyone had this mindset, we would all be much better off in the long term, as all of us are still quite early to the party that is Steemit. So, rather than giving yourself that extra 2 dollars or whatever it is in payouts all to yourself today, find some minnows that look like they have great potential, and make their day. Give them a reason to continue to work hard at creating unique and engaging content. After all, these minnows could someday make it big, remember your generosity, and return the favor much more than you could expect. We get about 10 full power up-votes a day, I plan to use mine to make new connections and to build different people up, and in doing so building myself and all of us up. Thanks for reading!


What are your guys thoughts? Does anyone have the opinion that we should not be able to up-vote our own comments or even posts?


The problem is not the upvoting yourself. I usually upvote my post when my power is approaching 100%, since there is no point to waste it. There is already a system to discourage that in the curation rewards. The problem is that the curation rewards are way too low. The upvote is usually worth way more than what you get from curation. Yet having a bigger piece of the pie attributed to curators would screw over authors.

I think what the best way would be is to have the weight of the upvotes on your post be correlated with curation rewards. So say if you do not upvote anyone and do not get curation rewards, your author rewards should be reduced. On the other hand, if you get a lot of curation rewards, the upvotes on your posts should have a higher weight.

I like that idea, sounds like it would be pretty hard to implement, like one persons author rewards would effect the curation rewards for said post

an you just successfully detroyed the ROI of @levitation... congrats!

but on the topic: limited self-voting is fine! anything beyond 20% should be shunned upon! The story is different when you've become a whale... that comes with a bigger responsibility to contribute and curate... just my to cents

my bad! is there a way i could have used levitation more effectively?

In general I wouldn't pay bid-bots such a high percentage of their 100% upvote value.

@levitation has an upvote of roughly 24SBD total atm... you sent 7.5 SBD their way... that's almost a third. Consider how many pther bidders a bot usually has per round and it becomes obvious. Your timing was superb, but the volume too exaggerated!

Oh ok yeah I thought I had seen that their up-vote was at 200 and that there wasn't many bids on this round yet

How wack!Like on facebook people that like their own posts are such douchebags hehe!

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