What Would You Do If This Was the Last Day of Steem?

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haha, I am very confident that Hardfork 20.2 will come and go and we will be fine.

However, there are some predicting issues with various Dapps and possible bandwidth/Resource Credit issues.

In my opinion it is much better to know this so the expectation is set, this may not be flawless, but it will be likely be okay.

If there are problems, people will likely point at SteemIt, Inc., which they will have some responsibility, but let's not forget the Peer Review and responsibility for keeping our investment safe is the Witnesses.  

That is the primary job they are being paid for. 

Buckle up for an interesting ride, mud slinging, and some downtime for Dapps, but keep in mind, if our witnesses can't properly review code and test it, that is a HUGE security risk.

I'm hoping all the Dooms Day Talk is just prepping people for the worse and I personally am hoping for the best.

In any case, I do feel sure even if there are problems our teams will figure out a way to fix it.



I bought bottles of water and canned food, just in case. Earplugs and blinders as well, in case the nitpicking becomes unbearable. There will be a few disgruntled employees and many minor inconveniences some may feel compelled to promote to the top of the trending page in written form. Steemicides left, right and center. After a few days the shitstorm will settle and many will eat their words as a form of sustenance then carry on as if nothing happened and it'll be business as usual.

"I bought bottles of water and canned food, just in case."

I went the other way. I plan to go full on Mad Max style Raider after the Steem apocalypse. I got a hockey mask, some improvised weapons, and a rusted out car. Soon, I will wear a mighty coat made from the skin of dead accounts.

HF20 >Drama >> Self aggrandizement >>> ...Time... >>>> Biz as usual

Oh gosh, I still have a few hours to get water and tuna! lol....

Whatever you do, DO NOT forget the can opener.

Fuck the tuna... The mercury and radioactive shit that contaminates it is bad juju..

Also the water... Fish piss in that! XD

Every code gets a several amount issues, but I hope STEEM INC and witness might deduce that percentage and will do a smooth HF again!


It will be great if it goes off without a hitch!

I hope it will!


no more steem? let the hell raising begin 🤘

^ Fuck yeah to whatever the hell this is

For those of us who have confidence in the platform, we are inclined to think that everything will be positive and what happens can be solved for the better. I leave you a great greeting and continue the successes.
Good vibes

I am hoping for the best too. But partaining to your question, if today is the last day of steemit, I will quietly cash out and look for other alternative!

I got cache copies of Steemit and plenty of liquid and survival food to hold me over until dooms day ends and the revert back from HF20 begins :P

Haha If I knew everything was going to fall apart, I would go trolling. I have all sorts of ridiculous nonsense to say that I keep in for the sake of being civil lol.

Really though, I would be sad to see this place go. I kind of like it around here despite its flaws. Hopefully everything works out. Some things have been looking a little better than they have in weeks so I really want to see that trend continue.

I am just burning my VP so if blockchain goes down, i don't waste it.

After the last outage, I think many witnesses decided to take an extra look at the changes and also run test scripts. Some have notes changes needed to early versions and raised the flag but others that have a technical background were there to bring confidence to the code and preparedness. It was actually interesting to see some say that it was a greater risk not to transition as many exchanges have also been preparing their wallets for the change (which is probably why most are down right now).

That's like asking what would you do if it was the last day of gravity...isn't it?....

....isn't it?
....isn't it?

Remember Y2K?

It could be that bad!

Probably just an hero like the rest of the die hards.

If this was the last day of Steem, I'd thank you and a number of others for making my short stay here a nice one.

I've found my life stimulated and enriched by the posts I've read here on Steemit, and I appreciate it, and I'd just say thank you. :)

If it were my last day on STEEM, I'd flag everything on Trending like my meagre STEEM Power could make an impact.

More constructively: I'm looking forward to the changes in curation.

Haha massive flagging free spree. I think I would flag comments only.

i will power up hahah so that it get locked up for more seven days lol ;p or may be upvote everything

That is the primary job they are being paid for.

That is the primary job they + should be + paid for.

There are few good apples for sure :)

Well, I haven't heard many at any level raising alarms... So... :)

It's almost like there should be a merit based ranking for witnesses ... so.... :)

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I bought all necessary food and water + a chainsaw and a bat and an underground base.

I believe things will go fine.

Is it the last day? Tell the truth! Did you hear something I didn't read? What failed now? I hope it's a meaningless question because my life would change from today! Everything would be very sad.

Ehehehe good question! I also think everything is going to flow just fine. But if it were to be the last day... i would be REAAALLLLYY disappointed if after all the anticipation, we couldn't try Steemmonsters! :P

I would blog non-stop, and build up some buffer, for when I go into steem withdrawal, ROFLOL! We got enough of a scare last week, I think this will go smoother for that repair-work. These guys have done an excellent job of chasing down and killing software bugs.


I would sign up for Weku

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No question, everyone is expecting a lot of downtime tomorrow. But if It were really the last day of steem, I would have sold my steem already :)

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