This Deadly Disease Is Starting To Attack Teenagers, The Dangers Of Guys!

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Hello everybody God bless you always and healthy

With the age of a person, there will be many health problems that will haunt these parents, what if they do not apply Healthy Living Patterns. But it turns out there are several types of diseases that usually affects the elderly, now the disease began to attack Youth.

As quoted from unhealthy lifestyle to be the main cause of the onset of problems on the health of adolescents today, the following is a deadly disease that began attacking Youth.


If you've seen old people with red-red stripes, you do not laugh or taunt them, because the illness that was once the only affliction of parents, is now beginning to attack teenagers in their early twenties.

This disease has the name Melanoma, Melanoma is a very serious skin cancer, this disease will spread Melanin-pigment cells that will change skin color in some parts. The onset of this disease occurs because the skin receives too much UV Light directly.


To prevent this disease you can use sunscreen SPF 30 for your skin to avoid melanoma.


You must have been with about osteoporosis, this disease of the joints is initially suffered only by those aged 65th and above. But the unhealthy lifestyle changes it all, even Osteoporosis start attacking those under 50th guys.

Usually those affected by Osteoporosis are those who like to smoke and consume alcohol. Well to keep your health from Osteoporosis, you can consume foods that contain Vitamin D and calcium.


Who would have thought if this one disease could strike the teenagers, well, although initially Stroke only attack the parents above 65th, now stroke has begun to attack young people from the age of 20th to 30th. Again this happens because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Those affected by stroke usually start with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, to obesity. If you experience it, quickly change your lifestyle yes. To avoid Stroke at a young age, you can reduce your intake of salt and Trans fat.

Consumption of fish at least 2 times a week and do not forget to exercise.

Thank for your reading my post don't forget to vote and comment, god bless you always my friend


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