Line up for four hours just to buy a plush toy! The second-hand price soared 8 times, and netizens exclaimed: is this buying Hermes?

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The Duffy family of Shanghai Disneyland is often nicknamed by fans as the "money grabbing day group", and its related peripheral goods are sold hot all year round.
Recently, a blogger posted on the social platform: "it's a big story. Today, I asked a scalper about the price of Disney's new Lingna belle. I realized that it's not a question of increasing the price, but to distribute the goods! When I buy Disney plush dolls, I have to add other peripheral products to a certain amount to get them in line..."
This little fox named "Lina Belle" is the latest member of the Duffy family. It made its global debut in Shanghai Disneyland Resort on September 29 this year.
Source: Official wechat of Shanghai Disney
Some netizens said that when they bought the first line around Lingna Belle, they lined up for four hours. Others said that four hours was nothing, and some even lined up seven hours.
For price increase, distribution and queuing, some netizens shouted, "is this buying Hermes?"
The second-hand price is up to 8 times
According to the relevant data disclosed on the fifth anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Disneyland, the fastest growing popularity of Shanghai Disneyland is Stella, which landed in 2018. The Stella themed commodities sold since 2018 are superimposed, and its total height is equivalent to 119 Mount Everest. Due to its high popularity, fans of Shanghai Disneyland often call star dailu "Chuansha top female star" (Shanghai Disneyland is located in Chuansha area, Pudong).
Stella and Lina Belle are both members of Disney's "Duffy family". Among them, Stella is a rabbit born in 2017.
Source: Shanghai Disneyland official website
At present, there are seven characters in the Duffy family, including Duffy, sheremee, Stella, gerardoni, keqi'an, olmira and Lingna Belle, and Lingna belle is the first character in the Duffy family to make a debut in Shanghai Disneyland. Shanghai Disneyland also sold many related commodities on the same day, including plush toys, plush toys, clothes, key chains, plush bags and other products.
According to the interface news report, linabelle officially opened at 11:00 on September 29, and less than 9:00 in the morning, three linabelle commodity sales points inside and outside Shanghai Disneyland have lined up. Some microblog netizens said that they had to queue up for three hours to buy Lina belle that day, and the stores around plush toys and key chains were once out of stock.
Source: Official wechat of Shanghai Disney
Fans' high purchase enthusiasm made the purchasing scalpers move. According to Red Star News, recently, many netizens tweeted that Disney's scalpers had played a routine of "distribution".
"Now, Lulu of Tokyo Disney (star dailu) needs to be rationed, and some of Shanghai Disney need to be rationed." Chen Yun (pseudonym) is a fan of star dailu. She said, "rationing is to buy four other (dolls) to buy lulu. For example, you can buy Lulu together with Duffy, sheremee and geratoni. Now you have to buy a complete set like this, not only lulu."
On the second-hand platform, a seller introduced that he purchased a star dailu only after he distributed four other dolls. The original purchase price was 100 yuan and sold 395 yuan on the second-hand platform. And some limited stardale suits are even up to tens of thousands of yuan.
For all kinds of restricted and commemorative models, the price of scalper "speculation" is rising.
For example, on August 4, with the theme of "Jade Rabbit", Shanghai Disney launched "Mid Autumn Festival star dailu", which costs 359 yuan each. It is sold in Disney World store and sweetheart candy.
Once the news was released, it attracted fans. Chen Yun said: "on the same day, cattle bought one sack and one sack (around)."
"If you normally buy one for 165-180 yuan, don't buy it if you buy more than 300 yuan," Chen Yun said.
"Mid autumn star dailu" has turned up high prices on second-hand platforms. At present, the second-hand price of "mid autumn star dailu" is generally around 700 yuan, and there are not a few of thousands of yuan, up to 2599 yuan. Among them, there are sellers who buy at the discounted price of the annual card, and the actual price is only 287.2 yuan.
In other words, a "mid autumn star dailu" can be fried up to 8 times.
Disney: there is no way to deal with scalpers
According to Red Star News, for the speculation of scalpers, an official staff member of Shanghai Disney said that the official has no requirements for distribution, "it may be because Lingna belle is out of stock and scalpers have goods in hand, so they will engage in such a routine."
However, it is worth noting that there is no restriction on the purchase of Lingna Belle's regular money. "One person can only buy two at a time, but the regular money is not limited to goods." the staff of Shanghai Disney introduced.
The staff member said that Lingna Belle needed to queue up for four or five hours to buy at the beginning of the sale. "It's really unexpected that the regular model is out of stock, but you can pay attention later. The regular model will certainly be replenished."
On the other hand, Stella, Lina Belle and other peripheral products have become one of Disney's main revenue.
According to the data released on the 5th anniversary of Shanghai Disneyland Resort, since its opening, the park has sold more than 5.77 million plush toys, which is equivalent to one in four Shanghai citizens has at least one Disney plush toy.
According to the 2020 annual report of Disney (DIS. US), Stella has become the fastest growing commodity of Disney.
Interface news once reported that compared with Mickey, who is already in his 90s, Tamiflu, which was born in 2002, is still a "newcomer" in the IP universe of Disneyland. But among the adult consumers represented by young women, Tamiflu's popularity and economic value are no less than those old roles. Tokyo Disneyland before the epidemic may have to queue up for 3 hours to take photos with the Duffy family during the peak tourist season such as Christmas.
The proportion of female tourists in Disney is relatively higher. Take the Tokyo Disneyland Resort where Duffy is popular as an example. Its female tourists account for nearly 70% and male tourists account for about 30%, and a large proportion of female tourists are young women aged 18 to 39 with spending power. These women are more likely to have common feelings for plush, healing and lovely bears and rabbits.
In today's modern culture, lovely things are often related to healing, and healing commodities have become more and more popular in recent years.
In social media, you can often see young women lamenting that "they are so cute." in the discussion on Lingna Belle's microblog, many people call it "baby daughter" and "give mom a chance to buy you".
Many netizens said: cute is cute, but rational consumption is also very important.

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