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RE: Are We Limiting Ourselves to 1 Type of Content?

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Hello @bitcoinparadise I have very little time on this platform, and I am learning and looking to improve what I can. I find interesting your support towards other users of steemit and that you have kindly given answers. I congratulate you on your projects and I hope in God you will materialize.

Certainly, when a competition is born, it does not mean that where we are currently is bad, but that having a competition, some necessary changes must be made, to make it much better, to be able to stay up as before.

Finally, those who will maintain these platforms are the users, who with love and dedication share what we humbly know and consider important, without belittling the investors who have believed and invested in steemit, all together we make the ecosystem of this wonderful ocean

Maybe what I do does not like some, but maybe other people if they like it and this is the rich and splendid of this diversity platform.

When I read, that you have lived the experience in your beginnings of publishing content and not being valued, I am identified with what you say, I believe that this experience happens to all of us. Also when we see that there is content that does not deserve the amount of rewards that they give them, and that for me has no explanation, but I have noticed that in the virtual world, as in the real world, the relationships of interests keep alive, but that must be corrected, to be better every day. Meanwhile, I was pleased to read you, to know about your project and to see that you support others, that shows you, a human being with great humanitarian qualities.

I leave you my best wishes on your way and great energy. Good vibes.


Thank you my angel 👼 You have been a great presence to be around I am happy you are here. You have been a great help :)

Thank you for your words, they are very encouraging.
Good energy.

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