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RE: Are We Limiting Ourselves to 1 Type of Content?

in #diversify3 years ago

Hi dear @bitcoinparadise, great post again! I really need to test out other platforms, even something like Steemshot, just so I can get a post in on the fly. It is interesting that not more people are using to post. But then, I'm biased as I think it's the easiest platform to use. My thoughts are that Steem is more than just a place to post content. It's a place that rewards us to connect with others beyond just posting content. It could be leaving meaningful comments, connecting on discord, resteeming someone's post to help support their efforts, etc. On that note, sending my love and resteeming your post... of course! 😍


Thank you always so much @karencarrens. Things are changing. I apologize if I haven't kept in touch as often as you can see I have been quite busy with a few things.

Connecting people has always been where the REAL value of this platform has been and should be.

I always appreciate your comments.

Hey, it's all good! I get it! I'm just relieved to know you're focused on great projects instead of having to fight back lava.