📷 Amazing underwater photos of a beautiful Triggerfish! 😮

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Hello dear diving interested people & Steemians,

here are some new really awesome underwater photos with a very high quality, I have taken of a beautiful triggerfish while my diving trip in the Maldives!

At first let me give you some information about triggerfish, I have retyped from a reef care guide:

A Titan triggerfish can be quite aggressive when guarding their eggs during nesting. They viciously defend their nests against intruders, including divers and snorkelers. Their territory extends in a cone from the nest in the house reef towards the inner lagoon and towards the surface, so swimming upwards can put the swimmers further into the fishes territory; a horizontal swim away from the nest site, towards the deep water is best when confronted by an angry triggerfish.

Another information from me: You can hear it very loud underwater when a triggerfish is eating a coral! :-)

And now here are the really amazing photos of a big triggerfish, I have met underwater while a scuba dive in the maldives:






Stay tuned for more amazing underwater photos and videos, I have many more diving content!

PS: I have taken the photos with this water proof action camera here: Action Cam, Sainlogic water proof Action Cam, 4 K WIFI Sports Cam 16 MP Ultra HD

My microSDHC 32GB Memory Card: SanDisk Ultra Imaging microSDHC 32GB memory card

My Selfie Stick for Action Cams: Aplic – Blue Selfie Stick for Actioncams

My Action Cam batteries: Action Cam Akku 1050MAH

Best regards and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens

Jonas Ahrens

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Almost seems this fish was posing for the camera...

Yes, it really seems that this triggerfish was posing for the camaera. :-)

Really amazing. Nice captures.

Thank you very much for your feedback @firearies! 👍

I've taken pictures underwater of whales and sharks and nothing scares me as much as a trigger fish. Having been chased around a reef by territorial triggers you're a braver man than me!

Haha yes, sharks are not as dangerous as a trigger fish. :-) The triggerfish in my photos above seems to be a little bit angry about my visit of his territory too... 😴

Nothing frightens me more than a long-pointed hedgehog. It is the worst thing that can happen to you. or a sea wasp. they are silent and almost immissible enemies.

Haha. So true, it's often the smallest and least mobile critters that cause the most pain!

The sting of the lionfish is something you will not want to experience.
If it ever happens to you, use warm water from the engines of the boat. I know because I'm telling you

Oh yes, never touch a lionfish... I made a night dive too in the maldives and there were many lionfishes. Especially in the night they are hunting and you have to take care of them very much, especially if you are diving with a short suit, like me in this night dive. :)

I chase them and I eat them. They are very good in steak

tolle fotos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Danke dir Tom! Du hast auch sehr oft tolle Bilder auf deinem Blog. Wer das hier liest, schaut mal bei Tom vorbei und supportet ihn ein bisschen! #minnowsunite

Great under water photo's of a not so friendly tiger fish

Yes this triggerfish (not tiger fish 😉) was really friendly! 👍 But i think it was only because of my long selfie stick, that he was confused and didn´t attacked me... ^^

Thanks for your visit and comment @robertchr!

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Nice pictures man!
Greetings @future24

Good job, my friend. Here there is no crossbow fish, parrotfish abound that are from the same family. once I saw a crossbow in the (witnesses archipelago) it was quite big as of about 1 mts

Thank you very much for your feedback and your visit @marsella-2017! 👍

I will always be aware of your publications. We are divers and we must support each other. it is very rare to find a diver in Steemit

Wow! I want to get back under the water again, seeing this!

It really is a stunning fish! I have never seen one diving myself. I wish I could go diving right now but I'm currently in the American North, so I won't stand a chance to see one myself.

upvoted and following you (stumbled over you profile because of the beautiful @lisadang )


Thank you very much for your visit and feedback @elenahornfilm! Yes diving is just awesome and I want to get back under water again as soon as possible too. Ah very cool, greetings to the beautiful @lisadang! :-)

Do you know the names of the fish that you see, or do you look them up when you get back to a computer? So many different types of fish to remember!

No, of course I don´t know all names of the fishes Im meeting underwater and I have to search them afterwards, but some fish names are easy to remember, like the triggerfish, lionfish, stone fish etc.

Hmm, @future24 so you are a diver. I don't really know what it looks like to be a diver and what kind of camera can be used to capture something under water. really amazing to me.

Yes Im a so called "Advanced Open Water Diver" and I already have 80 dives in my logbook. I used this water proof action camera here for the photos above: Action Cam, Sainlogic water proof Action Cam, 4 K WIFI Sports Cam 16 MP Ultra HD

Oh! thanks for enlightening me. have really learnt from you.

Amazing photographs!! It's like we are there without
getting wet, tho I'd love to be in the warm waters :-)
and wow I wonder what it sounds like when they are
eating coral!? 🐠 👍

Thank you for your visit and feedback @shasta 👍and yes, the water temperature was unbelievable: 30 centigrade in the water!!! 😍 The sound is a loud "click", or "rattle" sound, like when you are trying to eat a stone. 😁

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I liked how you were able to capture marine life. ♡ I am so impressed.

Amazing feedback, thank you @gailbelga! 👍

You are welcome. Xox

Thank you from following me by the way. Was not expecting this from you. But thanks again ♡

Nice Pic! 🐠 Be careful with the tigerfish, he is defending his hood! 👻

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Thanks @holidayheroes-de and yes, they are realy hood gangsters! 😂

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Yeah! 👍 😎

Really beautiful picture.

Thank you very much for your visit and comment @yangelin! 👍

Really it's amazing.

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