Diving in Roatan, Honduras; another day in Paradise.

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I enjoy seeing what regular folks from Steemit do in real life. It is fascinating that everyone keeps on their regular lives and jobs without even mentioning much about it here. So, for example, a lot of people here are engineers, nurses, doctors, and so many other skilled people. I would love to hear more of their daily jobs and hobbies.

In this case, I will share something that I personally enjoy: diving!


For over 4 years now, I have been a certified open water diver. The first few years of that I was living in Texas, and I did not do much diving there at all. As I returned home, I remembered that Roatan is a top diving destination worldwide. This little island where I currently live has some of the most complex and well preserved reefs in all of the Americas. I decided to enjoy it while I can.

So, in real life, I provide bookkeeping services for small to medium sized businesses. I also do more things, but this is what takes most of my work time. So, I have a client that is a small business, my good friend Denisse. She is from Chile and has a very unique dive shop. We barter/interchange services. I maintain her books and in exchange, she allows me to dive as much as I can!


This is her cool Dive Shop "Clearwater Adventures." An outstanding and friendly SSI certified Dive Shop.
Denisse is also a great underater photographer who I would like see on Steemit. Here's a good example of the type of photos she captures.
Uploaded from Facebook with her permission.

On this particular day (last Sunday), I had a great time. I was scheduled for two dives. We loaded up the boat and we were ready to go!

This is the dock and beach directly in front of the Dive Shop ; very convenient!


This is my son and my wife. They were allowed to join us on the boat for the ride; we were only three divers on this dive.


And we're off to the water!



Look at how clear this water is! That white sandy botton is about 40 feet below, and can still be seen clearly (phone camera does not do it justice). The visibility in the water was easily over 100 feet; perfect visibility and as good as it gets.


Unfortunately, I am still acquiring an underwater camera to capture underwater scenes and animals. On this ocassion, I do not have any photos of the view underwater. Soon, hopefully.

We performed a drift dive. So, we just rode with the current for about 200 feet. We just rode along the side of a barrier reef. We saw turltes, groupers, and a small shark; lots of small creatures too. After 1 hour underwater, we came back up with plenty of air. That was it for today's dive.

We headed back to the shore.


I only performed one dive that day. As we headed back, the rain was following us. You can see the rain covering the island hills on the above photo. Since I had my young child with me, we decided to head out and continue the family day.

Thank you for joining me on this mini trip. Next dive session, I will try to include underwater photos.

Here's to barter deals going right! You may continue Steeming now.


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