Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Upcycle Project #2

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Hi Everyone.
Here is another episode of my D.I.Y. series about upcycling items that nobody else wants. This episode will focus on the mirror and memory board I made out of junk being thrown away!

finished frame (2).jpg

This project came to me, when I found an old plastic frame in a trash can waiting for the bin men to collect it. I liked the shape of the frame, it has interesting curves and roses around it. I knew I'd be able to make something out of this frame, so I picked it up and took it home with me.

frame (2).jpg

By the time I was home, I'd already allowed my creative juices to flow through my brain, and knew what I'd do with it.
I didn't have a mirror in my bedroom, and I had a spare mirrored tile left over from fixing a bathroom mirror project. (Mirror tiles brought from Home Depot. They only have one type that is square in shape)
I tested the tile to see how it would fit, and it was the perfect size! It fit the width of the frame as if it was made for it.
I already knew the mirror wouldn't fit the whole space inside the frame (as it was a square shaped tile), so what to do with the remaining area?

Corkboard! Make it in to a memory board, to pin things to. I started looking around to find out where to buy the corkboard from, and found Walmart was the cheapest. I had to order it online and wait approximately two weeks for it to be delivered to my home.

Now the upcycle could commence!
First I spray painted the frame silver, making it look like metal, and more expensive than when it was a black plastic frame. Being silver meant it would also match the bedroom interior.
I cut a thin piece of plywood to size to fit in the frame, to use as a backboard, and glued the mirror tile to it first.
Once I was sure the mirror was secure, I glued the corkboard to the bottom section of the board. I then cut the excess cork from around the plywood backboard.
Once the glue was dry, I could secure the backboard (with mirror and corkboard) in place, and used some think cord in place of picture wire, to hang the frame to the wall.

The final piece came out well if I do say so myself!

finished frame.jpg

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