Offgrid Investing - The End of our First 30 Days on eBay - An Update

in #diy2 months ago


Today was the end of our first 30 days selling on eBay.

Our eBay sales are going pretty well as we continue to work on establishing our feedback and customer base.

We have sold 193 items so far for a total of $1168.54 in a 30 day period. Most of the dollars came from us unloading some old 2GB 750ti cards which no longer mine anything.

We have 37 feedback so far.

We initially start by just doing Buy It Nows (BINs) but changed some of the listings to auctions.

We had two customers say they never got the product even though the USPS tracking shows it as delivered. It is going to be interesting to see what eBay does. We hope they rule in our favor.

Our Etsy sales have been totally dead as of late.