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RE: Vlog 122: Ronin S Unboxing Video...

in #dji3 years ago

Your news that cell phones cause cancer was as slow to get to you as that Ronin package. ;) glad to see you back posting videos. balancing and weight distribution is key and a pain with the gimbals. I think there are snap on counter weights for most of them.


Yea I mean I’ve always known they arnt good, I just hadn’t read any of the research. My phone stays in airplane mode most of the day now

I heard that keeping it in you pocket can lead to becoming sterile. I remember they used to sell blockers that you could put between the phone and your head while talking to "protect" against the radiation or whatever the bad stuff is.

Yea there have been studies that show it can reduce sperm motility. blockers don't do much unless they totally block the signal as your phone will just amp up its signal when it sees a lower signal coming from the towers. soo anything that would totally block the signal works but you might as well just put your phone on airplane mode... which is what I've been doing. at the very least turn off your LTE when its not in use.

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