DLease.io - 20 Million STEEM Power Leasing Milestone Achieved! [Contest Inside]

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[Keep reading for the 1000 SP delegation contest instructions]

BuildTeam is proud to announce that its flagship delegation leasing product, DLease.io and its predecessor, the MinnowBooster.net leasing market, have reached a combined milestone of 20 Million STEEM Power in total facilitated leases since inception in 2017!

In addition to this milestone, the total active leases have also reached a milestone of 2 Million STEEM Power, across approximately 2500 ongoing leases.

This is a massive amount of STEEM Power that has passed through the service, which is clearly a testament to the popularity and satisfied customer-base of the MinnowBooster.net and Dlease.io delegation leasing apps.

A Brief Overview of DLease.io

DLease.io is a revolutionary new, professional-grade Digital Asset Leasing platform.

DLease offers users the opportunity to earn steady passive income, while utilizing the first-of-its-kind token leasing app, enabling lessors to receive dependable daily returns with zero risk of counterparty default and full control of asset ownership and custody, without the maintenance, asset deterioration and administration costs of traditional physical asset leasing.

In the case of STEEM Power Digital Asset leasing, only the resource utility of the asset is revocably leased out and not the actual asset itself.

A compelling comparison table between DLease and Real Estate leasing is available on our FAQ page.

Aside from generating passive returns for STEEM Power stakeholders, DLease is a tool for Steem communities and individuals to rent STEEM Power resources to meet their transactional and social influence requirements on the network.

Large stakeholder status is very expensive to attain for new users who have not been active on the Steem network since its inception in 2016, however leasing a large stake for the utility of the associated benefits will cost a fraction of the price via short-term leasing on DLease.io.

The sleek UI of the DLease market view offers users the ability to sort lease requests by several categories, including:

1.) The account who has requested a lease
2.) The amount of STEEM POWER (SP) requested
3.) The duration of the requested lease
4.) The daily payout in STEEM
5.) The total payout you will receive by the time the lease has expired
6.) The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) % offered
7.) And recently sorting by action for ease of finding your market orders you may wish to cancel


In summary, Dlease.io has now accomplished the following milestones:

1.) Current active leases exceeding 2 Million SP.

2.) 20 Million SP in facilitated leases since inception of the platform.

User of the DLease platform can be assured that DLease is secure and has been heavily tested; it runs the same backend architecture engine as the well known, trusted and battle-tested MinnowBoooster.net service that BuildTeam has operated since 2017.

Look for future updates coming soon, this is the first release candidate phase and we still have many features and optimisations to come.

Our next task is to make DLease responsive for mobile, please bear with us while we get that done.

Help us spread the word about DLease.io the innovative new Steem app with external investor appeal!

So, what are you waiting for?

Go to DLease.io today and take it for a spin!

1000 SP Delegation for a Month Contest Instructions

Edit: The winner of this competition is @kenny-crane and the delegation has been issued.

Now for the part you have all been waiting for! In celebration of the milestones achieved, @buildteam is running this contest to giveaway 1000 SP in delegation for a month to a lucky contest winner.

All you have to do is visit https://dlease.io/market and either:

Step 1 - fill a new lease by clicking the Delegate button:

or create a new lease order for yourself by clicking the Request a Lease button and following the wizard:

Note that to qualify, you need to ensure your lease request APR is greater than the current market average of 16.22% APR.

Step 2 - Vote this post with the Steem account you are entering with and leave a comment with a screenshot of your DLease dashboard showing the lease you just delegated to in the Delegated (Out) tab:

Or if you created a lease order, once it has been filled then paste a screenshot of that order in your comment, as shown in the Leased (In) tab

Winner selection - Once this post has reached its 7 day payout period, we will choose a random winner from the comments of this post and issue the delegation of 1000 SP for a month.

To qualify we will check that the winner has voted this post and that their delegation or lease request has indeed been filled and still active at the time of winner selection. If they opted to create a lease order, then the APR chosen must be greater than the current average of 16.22% APR. If the winner is a delegator and terminates their lease early then the prize delegation will be terminated early as well.

BuildTeam reserves the right to disqualify bad actors, content spammers or plagiarisers from winning the delegation offered in this contest.

Best of Luck!!

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Congratulations on reaching the milestone!

This is an example of how you enter:

My entry is this lease where I just delegated to the.curator

Delegated a little bit to test out the platform.
Works like a charm. Screenshot 338.png

Before i go.. Quick question. Does the APR include the 7 days that you lose when the delegation is canceled? Have to ask. :D

Yes it does include the 5 days ;)

Up to 19% APR with the 5 days included. Thats pretty amazing.
Bot delegation APR is 11% i think, right?

Most bots do 7% to 18% (but I don't really believe that tipu is really that profitable, so that 18% could be a miscalculation)

The big benefit of leases is that both is priced in STEEM and so price fluctuations don't affect your apr at all. And you can feel good about giving a few noobies sonme RC ;)

Fyrst had 11% in his "promo post" about booster. There was also a site i cant remember the name of but i know that thejohalfiles delegated 1mil SP to a while back. It showed the APR of each bot.

You guys should probably advertise this more aggressively.

Do a APR comparison and make bold statements like..

Dlease, the most profitable passive investment opportunity on the STEEM blockchain!

You already mentioned here that your APR isnt affected by steem fluctuations.

I know you run a bot as well, but you could also drop numerous reasons why using dlease is much better for the platform then delegating to bots.
Things like that.

Right now our calculations for MB personal vote selling are:


Which is really nice. And it factors in curation (which is a wildcard). But the thing is, if it is possible to lease SP and then rent that out to a bot, people will do that. So dlease will always be arbitraged to stay above the best performing bot apr :)

We are currently marketing dlease to investors outside of steem who are keen on buying some :)

I see. Lease request at lower APR, vote sell on MB for high potential APR..

If you gez leases filled at 16 percent or lower, that could give you a profit 😁

WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get! :)

What are the fees of the Delegator and Delegatee ? Because a sleek design just reminds me of apple :D. But yeah can't find it in the FAQ no where.

We take 10% of the profits earned, which is already calculated in the APR percentage.

I checked and it is true that we have no faq article about the fees that we take, on minnowbooster.net this was always displayed for each lease:

And for dlease we will think of a better way to show this. Thanks for the report :)

In summary, there is no charge for the lessee, the 10% comes off the profits to the delegator but the way we show the APR is nett of 5 day delegation cool down and nett of 10% fees so basically WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get as a delegator. I'll look at adding a FAQ.

Hi, we have added the fees to the FAQ https://dlease.bt-stage.com/faq/fees

thank you guys for adressing that ^^.

Here my entry to follow the contest :

Cool contest, and I've been wanting to explore ways to get good ROI on my SP so I went ahead and did a Delegate Out!

Also UP voted this post, so I think I've entered the contest correctly.

Good Luck to all participants of this contest!

Yip that’s correct, good luck!

Congrats @kenny-crane, you are the winner of this competition, 1000SP has to be delegated to you from the @buildteam account.

WOW, Thanks!!!

This is great news! I'll use the extra SP as best as I can, and will look for some new people to vote for.

My 2 delegations are working out very well for me and I recommend anyone interested in good return on their SP to check out dlease.io

Thanks again for running this awesome contest and I'm so honored to be the winner!

Thanks for the great feedback, enjoy the delegation!

Hi @dlease... here my entry to follow the contest :

My request Lease 18.9%


My leased in


Does it have to be a new lease started after this post?

If existing leases count then I'm in and if they don't count I'll update the comment with a new delegation. Let me know!


New delegation after post start date. :)

Awesome. Added an updated picture that includes the brand new lease!

Hi @dlease. here my entry to follow the contest :


I really wonder about how much APR of current delegation services. Can any one make a comparison table and inform me? Or if there are current.

Most delegations to bot are about 8-14% APR I think. MB voteselling is 18.2%. Dlease today had a big 21% APR lease.

I found it! Interesting tool. But need an account to delegate to different bots so it can compute(The default account doesn't delegate to many). Seems I can write an article in Chinese when I have time :)

Schermata 2019-04-05 alle 11.59.32.png

Filled another lease, taking a shot for the prize!
Congrats on the milestone @dlease.

Hello sir @dlease!!

I am very much interested to win the 1k SP for the month. Unfortunately I forgot to take a screenshot of my lease order I just made. Sorry I got excited and I am having difficulty because I am only using my mobile phone. Maybe you can check it out in your system that I did made the request for a lease. This is my first time leasing using your site, so I am not really familiar..

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi, you can paste the screenshot when you get to a PC, the competition still runs for a few days, so you have time. It is a requirement as per the rules and we can't make an exception.