Testing sides of Dlease to see what pays more!!!

in #dleaselast year

Hello folks, I am testing out Both sides of a cool platform DLease.io

Many of you have probably heard of it, but it's a really cool concept; let me explain. It is a p2p delegation marketplace where users can, Rent steempower for daily payments of Steem.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 2.05.32 PM.png

I currently on this account have about 5 loans out gaining 11.3% APR and they pay out daily for a combined 0.058 liquid steem, for only 178 Steem Delegated. This is not amazing... But gaining Liquid steem -> for your steempower is a great alternative to powering down and also, allows you do play the market price of steem and SBD.

Alternatively I have rented 1000 SP to another one of my accounts -> @steemegg << Go check it out...

It cost me 15 STEEM and I will have this 1000 Steem power for 5 Weeks. My goal with this account is to Generate more then 3 Steem per week through various tasks on STEEM, and maybe even start up some type of promotion bot. Please go check it out and ask any questions you might have!!!!!

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