England win Cricket World Cup after super-over drama against New Zealand

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ICC Men's Cricket World Cup last, Ruler's

New Zealand 241-8 (50 overs): Nicholls 55, Woakes 3-37, Plunkett 3-42

Britain 241 hard and fast (50 overs): Stirs 84, Buttler 59, Neesham 3-43, Ferguson 3-50

Britain win after too finished


Britain beat New Zealand to win the men's Reality Cup just because after one of the most stunning rounds of cricket at any point played was tied twice.

In an enthusiastic and electric air at Lord's, the two sides scored 241 in their 50 overs and were level on 15 when they batted for an extra over each.

It implied Britain were delegated title holders by ethicalness of having scored more limit sixes - 26 to New Zealand's 17 - in the whole match.

That it even got to that stage was astounding in itself and came because of a scarcely acceptable end at the home of cricket - the main tie in a World Cup last.

Britain required 15 from the last over of the normal match. Ben Stirs hit a six and profited when a toss from the profound hit him and went for four topples.

He couldn't get the two required from the last ball - Imprint Wood was run out returning for the second - however finished 84 not out and joined Jos Buttler for the excessively finished.

In wonderful night daylight, they were thundered on by a febrile group that belted out Sweet Caroline in the difference in innings.

At the point when New Zealand answered, Jimmy Neesham hit Jofra Toxophilite's third ball for six, at that point mixed to leave Martin Guptill requiring two from the last conveyance.

As Jason Roy's toss rolled in from profound mid-wicket, a jumping Guptill was short when Buttler evacuated the safeguards, sending Britain and the entire of Ruler's into dazed festivals.

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