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LONDON: It was a significant long question and answer session however Kane Williamson kept a courageous grin all over.

It was, be that as it may, clear that the New Zealand skipper was keeping down the tears as he interfaced with the media not exactly an hour after his group's gallant exertion to win its first World Cup title was thwarted by Ben Feeds, unadulterated misfortune and a disputable standard.

As Britain pursued 242 to win their lady World Cup, the Dark Tops were on top during the best piece of the run-pursue. In any case, at last, supported by karma, Ben Stirs without any assistance helped Britain to tie the match. The Very Over was likewise tied and at last Britain were delegated new title holders for hitting more limits in the match.

Asked whether it was a reasonable method to choose who takes the pined for trophy home, Williamson smilingly answering, "I guess you never figured you would need to pose that inquiry and I never figured I would need to answer it. Better believe it, while the feelings are crude it is quite difficult to accept when two groups have worked extremely difficult to get to this minute in time and when kind of two endeavors to isolate them with a champ and a washout. What will be will be, truly. The standards are there toward the begin. However, truly, extreme to swallow."

Williamson discussed controlling the wild and how New Zealand couldn't do it regardless of setting up a phenomenal show in what was maybe the best cricket match ever.

While Britain won the cup, the Dark Tops won the hearts of a large number of fans who were stuck to their Television everywhere throughout the world.

Williamson looked the famous terrible legend as he sympathized with his torment after New Zealand's thrashing in a second progressive World Cup last.

"I'm simply gutted, the folks put in an immense measure of work to get this chance regardless we couldn't exactly get over the line," said Williamson, one of five players who were a piece of the New Zealand eleven that tumbled to Australia in the 2015 last in Melbourne.

"I have spoken about 'uncontrollables' and there were a couple here that were quite difficult to accept.

"Remove nothing from Britain's crusade, this match, yet all through, all the cricket they have played, they are meriting victors. Be that as it may, either side leaving with the title most likely feels somewhat lucky.

"Somebody needed to win the title and we're gutted that it's not us."

"It was a phenomenal game to be a piece of," he said. "However, it is very difficult to take a gander at it in a sane manner when we have recently experienced what we've experienced.

"Giggle or cry, it's your decision, would it say it isn't? I don't feel outrage however there's a great deal of dissatisfaction. This game is flighty now and again.

"When it comes down to a tie, you begin taking a gander at each and every conveyance, isn't that right? It's an entirely extreme pill to swallow.

"I think the thing you leave with is the measure of heart and the measure of battle the folks have appeared all through this entire crusade, yet likely none more than the match we have quite recently seen," he included.

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