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RE: Daniel Sturridge's dog stolen: Former Liverpool striker offers £30k for return of his pet after it's stolen from his Los Angeles house |

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@surpassinggoogle, In my opinion there is an great connection between Human Beings and Dogs and humans find most loyal and loving friend in them.

Hope that your efforts will be blessed by Almighty. Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

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Bro you havent joined the pod

Brother i had a doubt and highlighted the same in comment section on Whaleshares when you first informed me about it. My doubt was, i don't have liquid Whaleshares because everything comes in Power when it comes to Whaleshares then how to get liquid Whaleshares then?

Thank you so much.

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Getting it is a hurdle. You can pass it. I didnt have liquid wls either to create the pod. I found it

True brother. Thank you so much for the message. Stay blessed and blessings of light is with you.

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@surpassinggoogle, I am trying to join the ULOGS POD but i am getting the below error brother.

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Hey! Been a while. Trust you are good

I am doing great. Thank you so much for asking and hope that you are having blessed life. Stay blessed.

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