Announcement of DLIKE as Witness of STEEM Blockchain

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Hello Steemians!

DLIKE has a major announcement to start its Witness node for STEEM Blockchain

Why witness?

Next month DLIKE will become 2 years old dapp on STEEM blockchain. In this period lot of things happened on steem blockchain but DLIKE always decided to remain neutral so things may become better. But this journey of 2 years proved a tough experience as DLIKE never got any support from Steemit Inc (Do not know what the reasons were to support only few dapps over others)

In this hard time community always supported and helped DLIKE to remain among top 10 dapps on steem blockchain even it was a rankings by number of users or by number of daily shared posts. We are more than thankful to all DLIKE lovers for this great support.

A Bit About DLIKE

For all those, who missed DLIKE earlier developments, DLIKE is a Pinterest alternative on blockchain with intent to make Pinterest plus Reddit like solution for social geeks and webmasters to share links of their personal writings or any informative link from all over the internet. As compared to conventional social media, here on DLIKE, community members like and upvote useful and informative links to reward efforts and time of other users. DLIKE has already launched its third version and working on 4th version which will include more features of Pinterest to allow users, sharing of products, making their own collections (boards) with many additional features.

Need of Time

As we all know about the recent drama on STEEM so do not need to go into it anymore. DLIKE as one of the major dapps on steem blockchain thinks that its time when STEEM blockchain need us most. Even though we never had a support but still DLIKE will stand up for this and has decided to run a witness node as a starting point.

Instant Future Plan

DLIKE is already working to run a full node for steem to stabilize things in long run which have been very unstable in past few days due to many of the existing RPC nodes being closed down.

UP-Vote For DLIKE Witness

If you respect DLIKE neutrality in the past 2 years and its efforts to remain on the chain even after facing all difficulties from old regime, then approve @dlike as a witness - - > Vote for DLIKE

If DLIKE gets elected into top 20 consensus witness, we will speed up our efforts to ensure a Full RPC Node!

DLIKE Ideas and Stance on Future STEEM Developments

We hope new Steemit management to help and standup for all the community members who believed and stayed on their maiden chain. In regards to governance of steem blockchain, we will love to work closely with all people who want to make STEEM the best social blockchain as we support

  • Easy, free and instant account setups for new users
  • We want to make sure every user has respect on chain and their funds are always safe and secure
  • We support removing of free down-voting from chain
  • We support a reasonable power-down period for SP
  • We support to have an affiliate system on STEEM blockchain (our idea is to split rewards -45%-45% for authors and curators and 10% for affiliates) as it will help bringing masses to chain
  • We hope a re-shape of SPS so pockets of few are not filled rather it is used for betterment and development of chain.
  • We will love to see a fair SP delegation for all dapps on STEEM blockchain as compared to selective approach in the past by STEEMIT Inc
  • It will be a great step if new management starts an accelerator program so new dapps can come and chain can flourish more quickly

Finally DLIKE welcomes @justinsunsteemit whole heartedly as we hope his business minded approach, marketing skills and experience of building a successful ecosystem of Tron Blockchain can help STEEM blockchain to a great extent. We will support all the steps by new management of STEEMIT Inc which will be triggered towards the betterment of STEEM blockchain!

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That's good news. I want dlike to be the top 20 witness. I hope there will be good results in your activities.

A big thanks for supporting the project like always!

Hi @dlike

I am glad to read that you will now stand as a witness and also your thoughts on it. It warms a steem heart.

You get my vote and from my team as well

Thanks for supporting DLIKE
We will try our best to match community expectations in making steem great!

Dear @dlike witness.
Will you be voting for or against running the new code to fork out accounts? Your response will be deeply appreciated
Thank you


Great to see new projects paving the way, we are coming, expect us.


I'm happy to see more community witnesses than a bunch of sock puppets.I have been seeing some errors when trying to use STEEM. I'm having trouble even loading the page. More real witnesses who are adding real value to STEEM on top should help with that.

DLIKE is proud of you for being a pioneer DLIKE believer.
Definitely new witnesses are coming. Right now many of us working on running full nodes. These errors showing are due to closure of full nodes which were previously running.
Things will be perfect soon!

Glad to know. Now what we need to see is Justin Sun stop with all the censorship. We can't let this place be another Facebook or Reddit.

Welcome aboard :)

That is great news. Best wishes for future process and top 20.
When new HF will coming for free downvote removal, 1 witness vote per account accroding to vote %, Power down period reduced, etc? I don't find any information about this.

Thanks for kind wishes!
Points mentioned are ideas and suggestions on part of DLIKE as it will be a consensus change once new update comes to improve steem chain

Thanks for reply.

Witness voted!

I am still looking for witnesses to vote for. So you have my vote. Happy to see the positive approach!

I only have 2 slots open.... I will vote for you.... please support my posts also.

Thanks. Definitely DLIKE will support all STEEM lovers!

I got your message, and as STEEM needs full nodes for running stable, I will vote for you as witness.

However, at the same time I would like to ask you, how you plan to prevent spam and plagiarism without the ability to flag? Are you in favour of flags as long as one has to give a reason for them?

Concerning the "reasonable" power down period I would like to mention that the payout for a post happens seven days after publishing it. If the power down period be shorter than the payout period, a user could upvote his post, power down, power up to another account and then upvote the same post again ...

On dlike we have blacklisting system for those whoa re violating the terms of use of DLIKE
For power down period, our suggestion is reasonable time period as we have not mentioned anything less than 7 days!

Thanks for your reply.

On dlike we have blacklisting system for those whoa re violating the terms of use of DLIKE

Could you write a little bit more about your terms of use, please, or link them here? I am curious to know more. What would be the effect of being on the black list?

For power down period, our suggestion is reasonable time period as we have not mentioned anything less than 7 days!

So what do you suggest/prefer, for example seven days? Or four weeks ...?

We have a detailed terms on DLIKE and the minimum effect of getting blacklisted on DLIKE is no more upvoting!
We will work with other community members on the period of power down as we only believe in consensus and most importantly things which are good from user's point of view as main strength of any network is its users.

glad to find another witness coming from the existing steem projects.

We are happy to serve the community!

Thank you for helping the Steem system flow! You have my support! I'll be checking out your app when I get a chance!

really glad to see new witness candidacy like you guys. can I ask 1 thing? are you related to @downvoteme? that account has created by @dlike and has been doing as bad actor. I wonder it's related you or not.

DLIKE has a free account signup on its platform. Account may have been created through DLIKE but DLIKE does not belong to it!

got it! thank you for your kind words! I would like to translate this article to introduce you guys to Korea community. is this ok?

Thanks for the translation. Just saw the message now! Pardon for delayed reply and thanks for the article to spread DLIKE message to Korean community. STEEM on!

It's my pleasure! STEEM on! :D

Since you're a witness on steem i'd like to invite you for this...!