Los Polinizadores /The Pollinators

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Los Polinizadores


Los amigos del bosque y de la humanidad, esos pequeños individuos que aparecen en nuestros jardines, en aquellos rincones donde hay flores, allí donde realizan un trabajo único. Si a todos ellos, insectos, colibríes, murciélagos; gracias por realizar esa tarea de transferir el polen de las flores y hacer posible la alimentación para los otros.


Éstos pequeñitos nos dan un ejemplo de la cooperación y el trabajo voluntario, también nos recuerdan que trabajando en común se puede lograr grandes beneficios. Solo nos queda que los individuos humanos los “Razonables” dejemos de envenenar el ambiente donde estos trabajadores incansables e incondicionales hacen su magnifico trabajo.



The Pollinators


The friends of the forest and of humanity, those little individuals who appear in our gardens, in those corners where there are flowers, there where they perform a unique work. Yes to all of them, insects, hummingbirds, bats; Thank you for performing that task of transferring the pollen from the flowers and making it possible for the others to feed.


These little ones give us an example of cooperation and volunteer work, they also remind us that working together can achieve great benefits. We only have to get the human individuals, "the Reasonable ones", to stop poisoning the environment where these tireless and unconditional workers do their magnificent work.

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That is so true sometimes we need to see the beauty of nature for us to appreciate how blessed we are and we should take care. Of it.. 

I agree with you, we are very blessed, we just have to be more conscious. ;)

If humans could stop pretending like we are separate from the rest of creation we'd all be much better off! <3