Steem Completes Hardfork Upgrade, Reports Voting Issues will Resolve in 5 Days - UNHASHED

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HF20 was necessary and will solve a lot off issues in the Steemit platform. It will also lay the groundwork for the incoming SMT tokens. Patches are being made to fix minor oversights caused by the hardfork and the devs released a time frame of 5 days ETA since deployment of HF20.

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Despite the fact that Hard fork, at first glance, was unsuccessful. I am sure that this is one of the most significant changes that will contribute to the development and improvement of STEEM.

I agree, totally. I'm not an expert of any sort but I think I do see it now what it tries to solve and where it's headed. The dust will soon settle. Still got my vote of confidence for Steemit. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate the comment.

I do believe it too.Stay positive all the time.

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