‘Godfather of Vaccines’ Admits Using Orphans, Handicapped Children & More For Vaccine Experiments...

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There’s been far too much info coming out over the last decade about the shocking health risks of vaccines to simply overlook what the controversy is about...


HOPEFULLY, we shall soon see the full-spectrum of unbiased science come out which settles the doubt once and for all, as in the meantime, there are ALOT of question marks left with the “official” rhetoric.


Here, we’re presented with yet more info to question. And IF the history of such a “treatment’s” development is riddled with a lack of integrity and human rights abuses, why would it be wise to trust that the ends justified the means - when there’s more and more evidence that the ends are NOT what they’ve been made out to be...?

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Depopulation and creating sick people to profit from are the key aims of the vaccination scam.


Hmmm this makes a lot of sense. But come to look at it , vaccination has saved many children from several diseases, death even deformities in my part of the world. The truth shall be revealed

I hope the truth is revealed - not likely though - vaccination as a process doesn't work at all so it has never saved anyone from anything...


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Thanks for sharing. It’s a shame that even raising legitimate, honest questions people get shunned and ridiculed.

I am not an anti-vaccer by any means. Especially, working for a public school system I would rather not contract something because someone chose not to have their child protected. That being said, I am not shocked by this. There has always been a pretty gray line concerning ethics and medicine. Ultimately, it is probably a game of numbers.