Robot umpires: MLB is testing technology in Atlantic League - The Washington Post

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Players lauded the system's consistency, but said the strike zone had changed because of technology.

I think this is worth sharing with you guys because there are questions that came to my mind upon reading the article.

Some questions for the future robots dominating the world of Sports are:

  1. What if robots judge the rule of Sports?
  2. Can a robot think the same way about what's right and wrong like us?
  3. Will the future become like what's in the movie "Terminator"?
  4. Will the world of baseball be the same as what it is now after 10 years and beyond?
  5. Will those human umpires keep their jobs?

How about you there?
What do you think?

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I think the real problem is that soon robots will replace man in everything ... this is a big problem, a man without a job becomes useless, the great powerful of the earth must find a solution