[Acid Streams] CS:GO with @steemgc

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Still ranked Legendary Eagle, trying to get in a few wins tonight!

If you enjoy watching First Person Shooters than this might be the stream for you! Please don't spam the post with comments as they show up in dlive chat, I will flag excessive spamming and reward genuine comments with votes instead.

Feel free to ask stuff in chat and I'll try and reply when I have time to read them in between rounds!

My live stream is at DLive


Legendary eagle sounds amazing,i have downloaded and started playing cs go gotta get my mind and hand set on it so I won’t become a hindrance while playing online. So far having soo much fun and the graphics looks sooo awesome,my pc is not high end but does the job with little lag on some places. Getting reminded of my adolescence days where i used to play it like crazy.i am gonna watch you kickass and learn from it thanks and eyes on dlive. Imma first person shoote games fan call of duty,battlefield 1 are what i play offline campaign mode.thanks for sharing.

If I would be there, I'll blow your head by shouting. :D
Don't run after me. let's shoot em all! B-)

Oh wow that is great and i like to play counter strike and i have played it many times,now i am playing coc which is very amazing but you play it like a seasoned pro.your live games are very fun and when i went on your live it was stuck so i am in clash of clan..i used to play it everyday but i have left to play it and brought my memory..thank you for sharing it with us..@acidyo

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Hey Acid! Can you hit me up on Discord or steemit.chat please? I need a huge favour regarding PayWithSteem.

@acidyo Ahah, have a nice one, Bane 😅

Won't be able to watch you this time but G O D S P E E D

LIVE NOW COME CHILL AND follow my stream too :D

I really enjoy in watching first person shooter and this stream for me.

Does the game require Internet connections or it can be played offline?

Always get inspiration whenever I visit this blog. Would put my both feet in this Dlive thing soon to get the most out of it. Just arranging the pieces for a long race. Wish me [email protected]

i love this kind of bloodbath

dlive is a great plartform for us . I were watching many video in this site. Its great...I will waiting for your nwxt post....

If you enjoy watching First Person Shooters than this might be the stream for you!

Ofcourse you know I love it and my best gameplay for now is Counter Strike.

I'm equally excited that they'll be a lot of actions and shoot up today. As usual, let's go and kick some ass

I think first person shooter games are the best. It is a pure test of skill and reflex, a game about movement at least as much as it is about violence, and done right it is absolutely delightful. And hey, sometimes you get a decent gimmick or story thrown into the mix. Great game though and awesome graphics. Let me recommend some games i.e half life, doom and quake if you haven't played any of them.

Just see your content man! It was awesome and nice to see. Really i appreciate you... Keep it up and well done... Best of luck.

Amazing your post ,good work ,I really like your work..

I like game .My leisure time playing the game ..

i wana see a murder with knife..!

You are switching between weapons lile a pro bro,hahaha

thanks for sharing this valuable post...

that is great.carry on boss.

why you havent chat display

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There is a thing called Dlive!
You are playing the game in here. Great!

live stream is obviously @acidyo different from having me video blur and not clear

hi i am d tube i like your post.

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